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Frugal Interior Design - Achieving Smart Style

Frugal Interior Design is all about Achieving Smart Style. It is about pulling from various design styles, utilizing reclaimed items as home decor, and infusing natural elements to create a casual yet inviting look. I love meshing modern design with industrial and rustic decorative elements. Incorporate a bit of your personality into your decorating.

If you follow some basic decorating principles
and refer to my free interior design ideas, tips and photos,
you too can create a coveted look.

Design Smartly. Just as design styles vary, so do the costs associated with achieving them. A high price tag does not necessarily equate to better design. I've renovated, designed and decorated the interiors of many properties and have discovered a few decorating tips, tricks and ideas to transform them while maintaining a strict budget.

Be Eco-Friendly
Green interior design options will help you save in the long run.

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Learn To Upcycle
Create your own unique home products as seen in DIY Decor.

It's a goal of mine to continually develop innovative ideas to achieve a well designed room while saving money. My personal design mantra is "Restore, Reuse, Reinvent". You will see this referenced again throughout the site and will learn how you too can benefit from it while creating a personal, custom look. It is my hope that you will draw inspiration from some of my decorating ideas and learn the way of Frugal Interior Design.

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Ready to get started? Visit the Paint & Colors section to brainstorm your color direction and design theme.

Want to add some interest to your newly painted walls? See the Wall Art Ideas section for examples on how to create your own personalized artwork to fit your design.

Utilize unconventional items as home decor as seen in Green Decorating. Keep your guests envious of your unique style.

Is it time to decorate the room? Refer to Home Decor Ideas for inventive decorating solutions that won't break the budget.

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