Antique Wooden Boxes & Crates

Antique wooden boxes of all types grab my attention. From former fruit and cheese shipping boxes to vintage soda crates, they often have a unique look and patina, and are versatile for many uses or repurposing ideas.

Wooden Cigar Box Repurposed

Old wood boxes can have unique features such as dovetailed construction, hinged lids, engraved logos, painted lettering and old labels. A bit of history for the box may be identified through some of these features, making them more valuable or appealing to collectors or admirers.

Since wooden boxes come in all sizes, there are many possibilities for their uses, some of which you can see below. They are quite adaptable to many decorating styles. Fill a small, vintage cheese box with old wooden utensils or cooking implements for a rustic-styled home. Stack various-sized lidded ones in a minimalist manner for a more contemporary or modern look. Be creative with your uses. They may be the missing element you have been seeking for an empty room corner or void upon a shelf.

Above: A repurposed cigar box stylishly
houses wash cloths.

I often find antique wooden boxes and crates at outdoor flea markets. They are typically reasonable in price depending on the size you choose. Once you begin adding them to your home, you may get hooked on their charm and appeal.

Vintage Lidded Box

Vintage Wooden Box With Hinged Lid Vintage Wooden Box With Hinged Lid Vintage Wooden Box With Hinged Lid Display
This unique, wooden box was found at an estate sale. It has dovetail construction and a hinged lid. The distressed label provides color, interest and appeal.

Smaller Vintage Boxes

Antique Wooden Boxes Display Nicely Atop Kitchen Cabinets
Vintage wooden boxes create a nice focal
statement centered atop kitchen cabinets.

Various Types and Styles of Vintage Boxes Decorate A Kitchen Countertop
Vintage crates and boxes of various sizes create
a cohesive display across this kitchen counter.

Various Boxes Create A Nice Tiered Display Tiered Boxes Displayed Beneath A Chair
Wooden boxes look nice when stacked and tiered.
They provide visual interest beneath a chair.

An Old Wooden Soap Box Is Used As Decor
Use them as display tops as in this case. Note the engraved detail of this vendor's name and slogan.

n Antique Wooden Box Houses A Collection Unique Rocks
A primitive, rustic box is a "container with character" for a collection of rocks and stones. Side note: An old shutter, original to this home (background), has been saved and repurposed as a decorative interior accent.

Antique Wooden Cigar Drier Cabinet
An antique wooden box with history and purpose. A vintage cigar drying cabinet becomes a unique display piece.

Old Wooden Crates

Old wooden crates provide lots of neat uses. You can place items within for tidy storage, flip them upside-down to create a display surface (consider adding legs to upcycle it into a unique end table), set them up on-end for further display possibilities or stack many together in a grid to build a unique shelving unit.

Old Crate Becomes A Storage Container For A Vinyl Album Collection
A sturdy, old crate houses vintage, vinyl albums perfectly. Flip it on-end and place folded towels within it for a cool, bathroom storage solution.

Old Crate Used As Plant Stand
An old, fruit crate, flipped upside-down,
makes an excellent display surface for plants.

These are only a few examples of what can be done with antique wooden boxes and crates. Consider using them for festive holiday displays for any season. The possibilities are endless. Have you used them in a unique way?

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