Autumn Decorating
Inspired By Changing Leaves

Autumn decorating does not have to cost a fortune. Look to nature for decorative items during her season of harvest. Pods, nuts, acorns and pine cones are wonderful accents you can use for Fall crafts or arrangements in and around the home.

Autumn Colored Candles Of Crimson

Many people are inspired by the colors of changing leaves. The myriad of earthy hues seen among the landscape are often considered the epitome of Fall. Burnt orange, crimson, rusts and deep golden yellows as well as rich plum and warm browns evoke the spirit of the season. Look to trees and then to the ground, for inspiration abounds and translates well toward Autumn decorating.

Use the colors of the season to decorate your home subtly. Indian corn and straw bales are not always required to get your point across. Decorative accents and accessories such as the crimson colored candles on this table, introduce Autumn into your home. Their spicy apple fragrance is equally appropriate for this time of year.

Indoor Autumn Decorating Ideas

More color appropriate items are used throughout
this home to celebrate the season.

Seasonal Colors In Bathroom Accessories
A burnt orange hand towel and earthy yellow
hand soap provide seasonal color in this bathroom.
The decorative candle adds simple style.

Autumn Colored Throw Pillows
This family room speaks of Autumn easily with throws and decorative pillows of harvest color. The mottled, cordovan leather sofa and the rich, earthy yellow wall paint seems almost intentional.

Decorative Autumn Pillow Ties
Create some Fall-themed pillow decor with or without
the leaf. Learn more about this easy Autumn project.

Pumpkin Spice Candle
Add simple Autumn ambiance through sight and smell. Nothing says Autumn like the scent of pumpkin pie. Purchase some spicy, scented candles appropriate for the season. Their light and warmth will chase away the darkness and impending chill.

Empty Candle Jars Create Decorative Features
Clean out those empty candle jars and reuse them. They make great containers for Fall accents. Read about my
wax removal tips and how I made this $4.00 jar display.

Nothing says Fall is Here like pumpkins and gourds.
Buy many and use them in decorative arrangements both indoors and out.

Autumn Decorated Console Table
Throw this display together easily for under $10.00. A bag of gourds and a bag of mini-pumpkins, $3.00 a piece at Walmart and a bag of fabric leaves, $1.00 at Christmas Tree Shops, add lots of festive color to this console table. Use any spare bowl you have.

Free Pine Cone Decorative Accents
A super, simple Fall display. I collected pine cones from the woods, placed them in hot water and then let them dry near my basement dehumidifier. The pine cones will fan out and expand as they dry.

Simple, Decorative Autumn Display

The pine cones have been placed in a decorative, glass vase. Look for collectible glass vases such as this by E.O. Brody Co. and Hoosier Glass Co. Learn more about decorative glassware on the Vintage Decor page.

Free pine cones and a $2.00 vase creates an impressive Autumn accent.

For other simple and frugal Autumn decorating ideas,
look at some of my Fall crafts.

Outdoor Autumn Decorating Ideas

All the typical, natural, organic Fall decor is always appreciated outside the home. Large pumpkins and gourds, straw bales, corn stalks, Indian corn, fallen leaves and planters of mums can be tastefully displayed around your entry way. Visit my page on Pumpkin Decorating Ideas to see how I displayed pumpkins on inverted tree roots I dug out of the ground.

I enjoy all of the above and incorporate a few of the mentioned items each year in some way or another outdoors. However, purchasing all of those natural "decorative items" adds up. It's always good to develop a few clever ways to make your dollar stretch further.

Entry Door Autumn Wreath

A grapevine wreath gets dressed in Fall color with the help of some leaf garland. I purchased a 6 foot section for around $5.00 during an end-of-season clearance sale and cut it into three equal lengths.

(by the way, I love how the Impatiens and Creeping Jenny are still blooming so vibrantly this time of year.)

Path Entry Autumn Wreath

The remaining two sections of leaf garland can be seen here, added to more grapevine wreaths. These wreaths have been used outdoors, year-round for the past 8 years. Quite an impressive, long-lasting, decorative purchase!

Browse these Autumn wreaths if you are too busy to make one of your own.

Autumn Decorative Flag
Just as a pumpkin pie scented candle can easily welcome Autumn indoors, a seasonal flag can outdoors. This is an effective solution for your outdoor Autumn decorating.

Free Outdoor Autumn Decorating Idea

Nature provides plenty of free seasonal items for outdoor decorating.
Use her bountiful harvest to create some unique displays around your home!

Upcycled Chimney Pot Filled with Branches and Rocks
A salvaged chimney pot (or topper) is used to create a front entry focal feature.

Autumn Decorating Ideas
Nature hikes provided unique branches and interesting stones to create this display. The stones hold the branches upright and colorful leaves create a "wreath" around the base.

Hopefully I've provided you with a few simple ways to dress up your home
for the Fall holidays without spending too much time or money.

Be sure to visit my page on fall decorating ideas too!

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