Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Are your bedroom decorating ideas a bit "sleepy"? Well, perhaps that can be a good thing. After all, we want our bedrooms to be peaceful, soothing, calming retreats where we can easily get a good night's sleep. However, these spaces don't have to be dull to be tranquil. They can have just as much style and character as other living areas while retaining a serene environment.

Gothic Styled Bedroom Some people tend to overlook their bedrooms when it comes to decorating. They may lose design direction or adopt an attitude of "out-of-sight, out-of-mind". Let's face it, more focus always seems to be put on kitchens, baths, and living rooms.
The poor bedroom is therefore neglected, often behind a closed door, but it doesn't have to be. Show off your room's style with these easy, bedroom decorating ideas and tips.

Bedrooms are probably one of the easiest and cheapest rooms to decorate. Coordinated ensembles, sets, and accessories enable you to create a cohesive look in one day without having to invest much thought. With a bit of design direction you can create a bedroom that is big on style, yet still comfortable enough to induce pleasant dreams.

A suit-of-armor may conjure nightmares standing beside your bed, but for this homeowner, it developed some initial bedroom decorating ideas and design direction for this room.

Frugal Tip Eight yards of clearance satin fabric in navy blue defines a dramatic focal area in lieu of a headboard. A bolster is created from a flat sheet stuffed with the batting from old pillows and then covered with gold satin fabric. Decorative tassels tie off the ends of this $20.00 custom piece.

These bedroom decorating ideas were inexpensive and relatively easy to complete for a customized look.

When it comes to bedroom decorating, where should you start?

For some, bedroom furniture may be a good place. If you have recently moved into a new home, your current furniture may be too big for the space; or perhaps just the opposite and you are ready to upgrade to a larger sized bed. If this is the case, you may want to choose your furniture first. Your furniture's finish, whether stain or paint, may dictate your room's overall color direction.

Color direction seems to be the biggest hang-up when it comes to bedroom decorating. Whether color for walls or for bedding, many draw a blank at this stage of their home's decorating efforts. Assuming your bedroom furniture has been chosen, begin picking some color inspiration from bedding sets online or in department and specialty stores. It is often easier to choose your wall colors from a piece of fabric, such as a comforter, then trying to match a bedding set to your wall color. However, either way will work. If you already have a color idea in mind, great!

I'm a huge fan of accent walls. If you want to make a grand statement in your bedroom, consider painting the wall your bed anchors against in an accent color. This bedroom decorating idea is key when dealing with unusual colors that may be too bold if painted on all four walls. Paint the remaining walls in a coordinating, subtle neutral for a sophisticated look.

For a more serene environment, stick with soft, muted colors. Pale greens, blues and grays help soothe the senses. A deep, rich color, such as terra-cotta, is still a popular choice, especially for those who have trouble sleeping and want a "darker" feel. Use it as an accent color, similar to the pumpkin spice color used in the bedroom transformation below.

When it comes to bedroom layouts, I tend to prefer balance. A "full on" bed upon entering a room, centered on an accent wall just can't be beat. The bed is the defining piece of the space and should be the main, focal element. A bed angled in a corner also makes a grand statement if your room is large enough to accommodate such an arrangement.

If you have an oddly shaped room or choppy walls, try to use the longest wall for the head of your bed. Try not to cover windows with your headboard unless it is one, centered window at the head of the bed or two windows that flank each side of the bed but are still within its width. Consider the following bedroom decorating ideas if you have issues with window balance. Create a faux window by hanging drapes directly on the wall as though they are hiding a window. Repeat the look over the actual window. You can also span a drape behind the headboard to totally cover any windows or to make one appear larger if it's off balance.

Note: You can hang your drapes higher than the window and have them extend to the floor to create height and drama.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Headboards

Since the bed is the main focal feature of the room, consider giving it a boost with a unique headboard that ties in with your design direction. Perhaps you already have furniture with a defined headboard; that is fine, use what you have. For those who want a new look, consider these Headboard Ideas.

Frugal TipCreating your own, custom headboard will save you money over purchasing new.

Don't go too literal with themes. Many bedding sets provide matched accessories and options which may lead to a room that is overly cohesive and "matchy". Bring in your own personality. Add your own accessories. Choose to go with a solid colored drape rather than purchasing the one that matches the bedspread.

Choose to go simple with your paint colors and bedding and then "punch-up" the style with decorative throw pillows. I prefer solid bedspreads and coverings to those with overly bold prints. This neutral approach allows your decorative accents to speak and bring in the excitement and drama you seek.

Do you have hardwood floors? Place a coordinating, trendy area rug beneath the bed to anchor it and to bring in some additional color.

Unify mismatched furniture pieces with paint. You can often find free furniture pieces out for garbage collection or on Craigslist. It doesn't get more frugal than that! Add some new hardware to your one-of-a-kind pieces to update them further.

Don't forget lighting. While overhead lighting may make sense for cleaning the room, it often isn't the best for reading a book. Consider small bedside lamps or choose trendy plug-in sconces that mount on the wall above or beside your headboard.

Consider some of these (available through

The following makeover should evoke
a few more bedroom decorating ideas.

A Bedroom Transformation

Bedroom Before and After
This small bedroom, which actually became the master, required quite a bit of renovation. Wood paneling and a drop ceiling were removed and new windows with custom wood casings were installed. An original cove ceiling was a hidden surprise.

Entry Before and After
A narrow entryway was widened to create a vestibule area to the bedroom and the closet. The closet, a former cubby space with a half door, was opened up with a full entrance and walk-in area. New HVAC duct work was installed in a room that had none.

 Entry Hall Before and After

Poor walls were uncovered beneath 5 layers of wallpaper. To keep in sync with the rest of the first floor rooms of this home, wainscoting was installed via beadboard and decorative trim finished it off.

The upper walls and ceiling were texture plastered and new carpeting, repeated in all of the bedrooms, replaced mismatched, hardwood flooring.

Designing A Cohesive Room

Classy and Sophisticated Bedroom

Classy and Sophisticated Bedroom

Since this master bedroom is on the smaller side, large, unnecessary pieces of furniture were eliminated. Rather than having nightstands, decorative, concrete columns flank a king-sized bed. A reclaimed, cedar trunk houses blankets and extra bedding, and a vintage wingback chair is strategically covered with a coordinating flat sheet. The sheet's fabric pattern developed many of the bedroom decorating ideas I utilized, such as the accent wall color and the subtle, gothic styling.

Classy and Sophisticated Bedroom

Classy and Sophisticated Bedroom

A television, inconspicuously mounted above a doorway, provides modern convenience in an otherwise traditional space.

Want to create this look in your home?

Bedroom Decorating Accents and Design Elements

Follow these bedroom decorating ideas and tips.

  • Choose an accent color(s) and search for similarly colored decor. Use this accent color on a wall to build further cohesion. In this room, a pumpkin spice color pulled from sheet fabric, is used on an accent wall. Navy blue provides a secondary color used smartly in a few key decor items such as throw pillows.

  • Choose materials and repeat them throughout the space. Various antiqued metals, such as brass, bronze and pewter are seen in wall art and decor. Concrete elements also provide cohesion. Furniture wood tones coordinate with the accent wall color and those found in the decorative, inspiration fabric.

  • Add interest with various textures. Different fabric finishes mimic other items in the space. A silk bedspread offers a smooth, shiny finish that resembles that of the vintage pewter elements. Flocked chenille throw pillows, although soft, resemble the rough textures of the concrete columns and urns in the space.

  • Repeat a pattern or design motif. In this room, gothic elements, such as coat-of-arms, lion heads and diamond patterns are repeated in fabrics, artwork and decor. Subtle fleur de lis elements are also dotted throughout from brass candleholders, to detailing on furniture.

This room, despite requiring some involved renovation, comes in under $3,500.00. That includes new replacement windows, duct work and carpeting which were outsourced.

Coordinate Sets Inspire Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Need some more inspiration? Take cues from bedding set colors, patterns and motifs. They can assist with your design direction, wall colors and room accent ideas.

A picture can evoke an entire design direction. Simply apply these principles to your own design aesthetic when looking at bedding and coordinate sets.

Asian Lilly By Perry Ellis

This fresh, inviting set would work well with many wood tones and black or white furniture. For a conservative look, consider light gray walls with a charcoal accent wall. Sleek black and white accents would give the room a modern edge.

To really make the bedding "pop", use the green flower as the main accent wall color and a neutral, off-white for the remaining walls. Natural, organic accents of jute or wicker would provide a more casual feel in this case.

A charcoal, contemporary shag rug under the bed would work nicely for either wall combination noted.

Cleo By Manor Hill
This contemporary set would work well with black, white or espresso furniture. Choose light gray or off-white for your walls with a charcoal, purple or lavender accent wall. Pull the accent colors directly from the bedding. Envision lots of white, glazed, pottery pieces as accents throughout the space.

Allegra By Manor Hill

This soothing set would look wonderful with silvers. Consider painting your accent wall a light gray and then paint a translucent, iridescent glaze over-top to produce some shimmering opulence. The remaining walls could be in white or the original, unaltered light gray.

White or espresso furniture would work well combined with plenty of crystal or clear glass accents dotted throughout the space, repeating the shimmer of the accent wall.

Hudson Valley By Tommy Hilfiger
Go a bit more "gender neutral" with subdued colors. This set would work nicely with a very monochromatic color story. Stick to all grays, whites and charcoals throughout the space in paint and decor for a clean, modern look. You could also easily add any pop of color you wanted for additional impact.

Lark By Manor Hill

Go classic and traditional with this sophisticated set. Combine it with dark, dramatic accent colors. Deep reds or burgundys for instance would look nice, as would olive or loden green.

For a more contemporary vibe, use the neutral colors from the bedding sets for your walls.

All wood finishes would work well with this style but cherry and mahogany would look outstanding.

Want to go simple and chic? Consider the classic comfort and spa-like appeal of white down bedding. An all-white room can ease a weary mind. Choose this route for totally serenity.

Develop Your Own Style

Perhaps you are like me and enjoy developing your own bedding and coordinate sets. I normally build my own bedding sets by combining comforters or duvets, sheets and throw pillows from many different vendors. This organic approach allows for more customization and layering of fabrics and finishes.

Changing your comforter with the seasons is an easy bedroom decorating idea to implement. Not only does it allow for heavier or cooler bedding appropriate for the season, but it provides a welcomed change in appearance and color. Try switching your bedding set throughout the year for a fresh look.

Seasonal Bedding Colors

A lighter weight, quilted, silk duvet in gold replaces a heavier, down-alternative filled comforter in navy blue. See how both colors complement the rich, pumpkin spice accent wall color while still coordinating effortlessly with the other pieces in the room.

The deep blue offers a warmer appearance in the colder months while the gold adds a touch of exuberance in the Spring. A simple color switch of your bedding can change the entire dynamic of your room.

Once you complete some of these bedroom decorating ideas, your slumber should have you "swimming in sweet dreams". So, get busy. If you have any cool headboard or bedroom decorating ideas, I'd love to hear about them!

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