Easy Closet Organization Ideas

These closet organization ideas will help free-up space while keeping things tidy and orderly. When it comes to bedrooms and closet space, there can never be enough. Oodles of overflowing clothes and shoes find their way into closets in other rooms, get stuffed under beds or packed away in storage containers. You may think your closet is small, but perhaps you just need some creative ways to gain more space within it.

I took a cubby hole type "closet" which was an access behind a bathroom and opened it up, creating a full walk-in entry. Now, I'm sure you're not ready to cut open wall areas but as you read what follows you will see how some of the ideas I utilized can easily be implemented into your own home and its closets.

Shelves and Rods

Blocks of wood were attached to the wall (find studs for best support) to create mounting ledges on which to lay the wood shelves. The wood shelves are simply pine wood planks bought from a home improvement store, cut to length and treated with a water-sealant to resist mildew.

The wood blocks also provide a solid support base for the pressure rods.

Modular Storage Units
Storage units like these are relatively inexpensive and can be stacked and configured as necessary due to the many sizes available. Use them without the wheels (which accompany most units) in order to stack them. Another panel of wood was used between the levels to provide extra stability and allow for more flexibility.

Numerous Storage Solutions
Speaking of flexibility, we have one, long, upper shelf for folded jeans and pants, a shorter upper shelf for folded, long sleeve pull-overs and sweaters, a pressure rod for hanging dress shirts and other button downs, and multiple storage drawers for socks, underwear, t-shirts towels and sheets.

Hanging Storage
Another angle showing the upper storage shelf and its abundance of folded pants. Impressive storage capabilities in a relatively small space.

Mirror and Belt Storage

Further closet organization is found through the use of a ballcap rack (upper right). Its small hooks make it the perfect storage solution for a collection of belts.

A full length mirror comes in handy for quick scans of the duds.

Shoe and Boot Rack
A tall hamper is conveniently tucked in the corner (right) and a bi-fold door closes it all off and takes up little room when open. A lower ledge hides some plumbing and is fashioned as a boot or shoe ledge.

Not bad considering this was a dreary crawl space for an adjacent bathroom's plumbing access. This small room serves many purposes. Besides plumbing access, it's a junction point for added, upper level ductwork and a pass-through for running the central air electric and condenser plumbing (hidden by the built-in wooden shoe ledge mentioned above).

These closet organization ideas cost less than $150.00 and the project took about
1 1/2 hours to assemble which included cutting wood blocks and shelving to size as necessary. Your project may not require as much initial work, therefore simply consider the addition of storage units as those above in your closets. You will be amazed as to how much clothing you can easily pack away.

Tip Storage units are great additions for small bedrooms or those living in apartments. It frees up floor space by eliminating the need for larger, bulky pieces of furniture like chest of drawers.

If you feel you are running out of space and need some quick and easy storage solutions, consider some of the above closet organization ideas. I'm sure you'll be quite pleased with the result; especially when you consider how budget-friendly the project is to complete.

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