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Decor ideas for your home do not have to break the bank. If you are looking for some cool, decorating ideas you have never considered, you've come to the right place. Accessorizing a room is probably one of my most favorite aspects of the design process.

Cohesive Decor

This is the part that really pulls the feel of the room together. It defines the style and meaning you want to portray. Finding the perfect placement for objects, experimenting with their heights in groups for best visual impact, adding and subtracting items to find the perfect balance; these are the goals to achieve.

Whether you are purchasing new decor right off the shelves or revitalizing some old pieces for use, there is a real art to combining them properly to achieve a cohesive look.

Try to find a common element among your decor throughout the room. You want each piece to make sense as a part of the whole when brought together. A common element could be the materials they are made of, a time period they are from or a color scheme they share.

Finding a common element among them is not always necessary nor required but will easily help establish a well thought out room if you otherwise have trouble determining how to group items.

"Dot" these common pieces randomly
throughout the space to create cohesion.

Try to experiment with height and depth as you create vignettes (decorative groupings of decor). Having items at different heights creates visual interest.
Items at the same level will get lost among each other.

Height and Depth
A nice use of height and depth with this kitchen decor.
Note the groupings of three

Stick to groupings of three when in doubt. Odd numbers create a sense of informal balance in asymmetrical displays.

Asymmetry is best used in casual or informal, contemporary design settings. Symmetry is best used in formal, traditional design settings where perfect balance by creating a "mirror image" is wanted.

Think outside the box when it comes to decor ideas.

Just as we discussed looking for unique items at thrift stores, estate sales and flea markets for wall art ideas, consider these sources again for your home decor. Consignment shops, antique shops, architectural warehouses and yard sales are also good places to find decor.

Create your own decor

Perhaps you have an idea for the perfect piece to complete the room but you can not find it. Create It! This doesn't mean designing and building a piece from scratch, although if you are able, go for it. This simply may be customizing a piece you find to make it "work" with your design style. Check out my grapevine lighting feature for an example of created, functional decor.

It could also be reinventing an item as decor; something I enjoy doing. I utilize a lot of natural, decorative accents in my spaces to develop the organic feel I appreciate. Much of these items are free from nature and make beautiful displays. To see some of my nature inspired decor ideas visit Natural Decor.

Restore, Reuse, Reinvent is easily achieved when it comes to decorating ideas and decor. We understand how decor can be reinvented as mentioned above with natural decor. What about reused or restored decor? Reused decor could be considered an antique, for instance, that has been reclaimed and given a "new life" in a modern home.

It could be an old wooden box or iron doorstop that is restored to like-new condition. Of course if you are like me, you prefer the weathered, rustic patina it may currently have, thus it is just reused as in many of my green decorating examples.

I enjoy reclaiming old objects and using them in my designs. I find they have much more character than anything new you could purchase. They also have a past, are often of better quality than new decor, and may also be "a collectable" of value.

When you get into collectable and vintage pieces it's like another quest. Not only are you looking for pieces to add to your room's design but you are looking for specific "names" which makes finding them all the more rewarding.

Learn to mix old and new seamlessly. Consider the vintage pieces I have found and incorporated in my designs with ease. Or, if you like the mix of industrial, rustic and modern, browse my rustic decorating ideas.

Old and New Candlesticks

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