Decorating Ideas for Form and Function

Decorating ideas can serve many purposes. They not only help establish the style of a room, but can be creative solutions to design dilemmas.

Interior design does more than make a room look pretty; it solves problems, big and small. As you are decorating a space, you may begin to develop functional ideas that further enhance it.

Look at how some decorating ideas became creative solutions below.

Tree Branch Shower Rod Idea

This bathroom was really taking on an organic vibe yet I wanted to add another decorative element to really get the point across. I don't know where the idea came from other than the fact that I'm always collecting unique branches and sticks to use for decor.

This easy project quickly became one of my favorites. I hope you enjoy it as well.

Branch Curtain Rod

Branch Curtain Rod

Branch Hardware

I found a long, sturdy branch in the woods that was strong enough to be used as a decorative curtain rod.

Use this idea for decorative window treatments too!

Be sure the branch is the correct length. Measure for the size you will need then find one long enough or cut one to size. Mine was actually the right length to begin with.

Affix some type of hardware into the ends of the branch to hang it. I used picture hanging hooks from a picture hanging set. They have a triangular shaped hook at the top that is hinged to a flat base with one central hole. Place a screw through the hole and tighten the hardware to each end of the branch.

I affixed some screws to the walls to catch the hooks (the hardware) on the ends of the branch.

Note: This is meant for decorative purposes only, not to draw a curtain open and closed.

You may have to loosen and retighten the hardware a few times while adjusting the position of the hook till the branch hangs properly. It may have a tendency to want to twist out of location so this takes some patience and trial to get it just right.

The particular curtains I used had large loops for hanging. This worked out great as I wanted a lot of the branch to be exposed. Look for a similar type of curtain to get this effect. You will need to slide the curtain onto the branch prior to hanging it.

I used a stiff bristle brush to rub any loose debris from the branch prior to using. You may elect to spray a water sealant such as Thompson's Water Seal on it prior to using. I did not and mine is holding up just fine after three years.

This decorating idea added style and purpose to the room. Perhaps you can use it to give a little personality to your room as well.

If you liked the organic flavor of this idea,
perhaps you'll enjoy my grapevine lighting solution.

Decorating with Jute Twine Idea

Jute twine is something I use quite frequently for decorating; it has an organic appeal.

Use it to hang artwork, outdoor wreathes, to bundle items such as twigs or you can use it to create curtain tie backs as I did below.


Jute Tie-backs

Curtain Tie-backs


Measure how long the tie back must be when looped around your curtain. Cut (3) pieces the same length, tie a knot at one end and braid. Close the knot in a drawer to hold the twine as you braid it.

Knot the other end when you have completed the braid.

Wrap around your curtain and attach to hardware on wall (such as a threaded C-hook).

I actually tied my completed braid to the front so the knotted ends would be exposed, providing more interest.

Frugal Tip Another decorating idea that was free to make and provided just the character I needed for this space. A real sense of accomplishment is found when you custom create some of your own decor.


Take a plain, boring candle and give it some personality.

Note: These candles are for decorative purposes only. Do not burn if you decide to do this project.
Candle Decorating

I wrapped jute twine around this candle's center to give it some extra interest and to tie it in with some of the other organic features used throughout the room.

Black permanent marker ink created the dark bands. Another small detail featured in the room.

The dots around the top are pre-stick cork pads to protect scratches on surfaces or to cushion drawers when they are closed. Think outside the box.

Adding black ink to alternate dots would have provided even more visual interest.


  • Glue jute twine as a border around a picture frame for an organic touch.

  • Use jute as bows and ribbons on presents and gifts. Couple it with plain craft paper wrapping and you really have a nice, clean look.

  • Wind jute around linen napkins and tie with an easy bow for a soft, informal look at your next dinner party.

  • Use jute twine to hang ornaments or other decor throughout your home.

Jute Twine Accents
Jute twine was used to hang some slate wall art
and was wound around the end of tree branch
to create some interest.

Remember, decorating ideas can have an actual function other than being a visual accent. Think about ways to solve your design dilemmas as you develop ideas. You will be amazed by your own creativity.

Visit Natural Decor for more examples of organic styling.

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