Decorative Accents
Address Your Style

Decorative accents really finish a room well. They are the smaller details that help define the style you want the room to speak.

You can easily change the feel of a room by simply switching out or adding decorative accents.

Since I have an affinity for organic style, many of the accents I use are made of natural materials. However, I do enjoy infusing some modern flavor and use accents that address that point as well. Consider accents that have an industrial or stark feel to them if you want to imbibe some "modern" into your space. Accents made from concrete and metal, or have shiny, reflective finishes help accomplish this.

Modern Decor Accents
A group of three concrete spheres in a shiny, metal bowl add a touch of modern. Note the repeated square shape among the mat, the bowl and the candleholders. A nice juxtaposition is achieved by adding spheres to the overall ensemble.

Modern Decor Accents
Another angle reveals the fusion of organic and modern styling. See how these styles complement each other. A natural, beaded table mat grounds the stark metal bowl. Curly Willow accentuates a corner where a rather modern color story of black and white wall paint meet.

Modern Home Decor
Concrete decor speaks of modern form and simplicity
in this entry way niche.

Do you like traditional and sophisticated?

Traditional Home Decor

Spheres adorned with brass-like metal rivets rest in a reclaimed brass bowl. This decor and color story reads classy. Note the repetition of round shapes in the neighboring candle and the grapevine ball lighting in the background.

A reclaimed, antique picture frame provides height and a repeat of color. Inside is a pencil sketch drawn by my grandfather in 1941 of my grandmother sewing.

Perhaps you want a softer, more casual look. In that case, consider some of the following natural, decorative accents.

Natural Decor
Unique, hand-carved pods combine an element of organic with modern through the use of color. They display nicely in an old, reclaimed, solid wood bowl.

Natural Home Decor
Natural decor repeats the colors used throughout this family room.

Want to make some of your own dried fruit accents as seen above?

It's relatively easy. Purchase some limes. I have also used lemons. Other small citrus fruit may work too. Place them in the refrigerator and let them begin to harden and dry out. The peel will begin to discolor a bit.

After they have done this, take a sharp knife and CAREFULLY slice them as shown below from top to bottom.

Creating Dried Fruit Decor

The skin gets hard so it's best to pierce the fruit at the top point of the cut and slowly "saw" downward using a serrated knife with a sharp tip (like a steak knife).

Space your cuts out evenly as you go around the fruit. After you are done doing this, place the fruit between your palms over a sink and squeeze the top and bottom toward the center. This will remove some juice as well as help establish the shape and fan open the cuts you created. Let the fruit sit in a window sill on a plate to further dry out.

Note: If you do this in colder months, you can sit the fruit near a low heat source, like a floor vent, to speed up the process.

Consider making fruit slices as well (seen above right photo). If you choose to make dried slices, do these while the fruit is fresh and soft. It will be too difficult to cut into nice slices once the fruit has dried out too much.

Consider creating other accents such as the seed balls above too. Glue pasta, lentils, seeds or coffee beans onto Styrofoam craft balls.

Dried Fruit Home Decor

A metal, verdigris-patina bowl of sun-dried tomatoes.

These are split in the same manner as the limes. I bought these and have not yet experimented with making my own. If you give it a try, let me know how they turn out. They have a wonderful, natural aroma.

Free Decor
I found this odd, little bowl in a storage unit clean-out. Various found nuts and pods began finding their way into it.

Soap Bowl Display
Another, unique bowl was found at the same clean-out. Its finish is similar to the tumbled Italian tile used in this bathroom. A display of hand-made soaps add a special touch.

Natural Home Accents
Balls woven from grapevine and dried pods adorn a large, glazed bowl accented with grapevine and jute stitching. Quite a unique touch and a very fitting piece for this family room's relaxed, organic styling.

Frugal Tip

There are many ways to decorate your home with items you already have. Create your own accents. Some we discussed above, such as dried fruit or found nuts.

How about filling those empty mason jars with buttons or sea-shells like this frugal home owner did. Pine cones and acorns would be other neat items to display in those glass jars. Save tomato sauce or pickle jars for this purpose too. Consider spray painting the lids a matching color to unify the set. Try using three different sized or height jars in one grouping.

Free Decorative Accents
A collection of buttons and seashells find their way into a glass home. Leftover decorative gems, a low cost item, fill another.

Check back often as more ideas for decorative accents will continually be added as they are developed, discovered or realized. Also visit Natural Decor for other decorative ideas that coordinate well with those shown on this page.

Share your own unique ideas for decorative accents
in the Frugal Design Workshop.

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