Decorative Lighting
Reflects The Style Of Your Room

Decorative lighting is extremely important in interior design. It not only illuminates our space but it evokes feeling. It creates mood, ambiance and drama. It places emphasis where required, such as on a piece of artwork.

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Decorative lighting can really make a statement in a space. In fact, sometimes a room's lighting is a focal feature. From mild to wild, choose lighting that relates to your room's style.

A new light fixture is an easy way to update a room so take down that polished-brass finish dining light from the 80's and check out the latest trends.

Look at these "Before and After" room transformations and how the updated lighting enhances the styling.

Bathroom Vanity Lighting
An old medicine cabinet/vanity with built in fluorescent lighting was removed in favor of a more contemporary, three-light, brushed nickel fixture. See more of this budget bathroom makeover.

Kitchen Ceiling Lighting
A dated kitchen light is replaced by a modern, brushed steel track light, in keeping up with the new appliances and other steel accents.

Dining Room Lighting
A vintage, Tiffany style dining light was updated with a classic-styled, oil-rubbed bronze chandelier. The simplicity and clear, bubble glass shades of the new fixture allow for a more airy feeling in this space.

Flush Mount Ceiling Light

The following property was outfitted with the same flush-mount ceiling lights in practically every room. They were switched out almost immediately to reflect the design styles of the rooms.

A few were retained in areas where they seemed fitting such as hallways and closets.

Contemporary Kitchen Lighting
This modern styled kitchen utilizes various types of lighting with related elements such as finish, shade color and shape. A unique track light mimics the angled division on the floor from wood to tile. A pendant light hangs over a dining area and recessed lighting shines down over the countertops and work areas.

Contemporary Ceiling Fan
Ceiling fans can be considered decorative lighting. This ceiling fan has a brushed nickel finish, which is carried throughout the space in other furniture and accessory pieces. The viewable wood-toned fan blades are the same color as that of the flooring.

Gold Leaf Chandelier
A special piece "borrowed" from my parents, this gold leaf chandelier adorned with Austrian crystal offers class and sophistication wherever it hangs.

Under Cabinet Light As Uplighting

Some under-mount counter lights are "reinvented" as uplighting. Connected to a dimmer, this lighting creates an ethereal mood.

A fig tree with a 25-ct of miniature lights (lower left) illuminates the darkness.

Decorative Lighting Tips

  • Match lighting finishes thoughtfully with the other items in your room, such as switch and outlet plate covers.

  • Consider the types of bulbs required for your lighting. Look for fixtures that support energy-efficient lighting such as CFL and LED. Halogen track lighting may soon be a thing of the past due to its high power consumption. Note: Some CFL lightbulbs are not dimmable. Check the label to be sure it is compatible with your intended application.

  • Put your lighting on dimmers to create mood and ambiance. Some excellent products, which are as easy to install as a standard lightswitch, are available.
  • Consider using outdoor lighting, indoors. Outdoor lantern style fixtures work well as wall sconces depending on your design style.

  • Create your own lighting. Most large home improvement centers carry all the items necessary to fix and/or build lighting. Create something unique and one-of-a-kind for your space.

Frugal  Tip Switch out dated shades and globes to give your existing lighting a new look.

Look at this grapevine lighting I developed for a stairwell.

Check home improvement stores and online stores like who has great prices, or browse some of these classy, lighting solutions.

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