Easy Art Ideas You Can Do

These easy art ideas will customize your space and give it a personal touch. If you are having difficulty finding the perfect art for your room, consider making your own.

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Artwork can get expensive so save a few bucks by creating your own. These easy art projects are also great gift ideas! Many of these projects (see links to other pages below) took less than an hour to make and cost less than $10.00. Give them a try!

Easy Art for a Nursery

Easy Nursery Art
A mailed advertisement from one of my favorite stores, Pier 1 Imports®, inspired this artwork project for a previously themed nursery.

Easy Nursery Art

A paperbag (seen in the first image) was going to be my initial background for the artwork. However, a heavier, green, embossed paper from Michaels Arts and Crafts, provided better contrast against the natural wood frame and tied in with the nursery wall color.

I used the frame glass as a template for the background paper size. Just outline it with a pencil and cut.

Easy Nursery Art
Carefully cut out your images. In this case, I cut around and removed all the text. A gluestick will adhere it to the background paper.

Easy Nursery Art
The completed project at this stage took about 15 minutes.

Easy Nursery Art
For an additional, customized touch, I added the baby's initials and birth date with some fine tip, colored markers.

This art project cost around $3.00.

  • Images from advertisement - Free
  • Background paper from craft store - $0.80
  • Frame from Dollar Tree® - $1.00
  • Glue Stick (multi-pack) from Dollar Tree® - $1.00

These easy art ideas can be applied to any room of your home. Cut up posters and other relevant advertising you may have to create a custom piece. For other ideas you may want to visit my pages on Framed Art and Painted Art. Many of the projects showcased on those pages were made from items you can find around your home; such as pieces of cardboard and leftover wall paint.

An easy gift for a friend or family member is some poetry you have written and framed. Print it out on nice paper, mat it and place it in a decorative frame. Look at this framed poetry I hung in a vintage frame I found. Find cheap, unique frames at thrift stores. New frames are inexpensive at Dollar General® type stores.

More Easy Art Ideas

Personalized artwork like this zodiac sign inspired piece is an excellent gift idea for a newborn or young child's bedroom. I have made these twice now for each of my nephews. Look up the child's birthday to see what their zodiac sign is and then do a search on their sign to get information on their symbol and associated colors.

Zodiac Artwork For A Child

You can draw the symbol freehand or print it, cut it out and use it as a template or even paste it onto a background. Add the child's birthdate and their initials and the name of the sign if you choose. You may also elect to write words about their traits such as "compassionate", "caring", "intuitive" and so on. Aquarius colors are turquoise and sky blue and were used via markers and watercolors for this piece.

Add Quick Character - An unfinished wooden frame from Dollar Tree® was given a simple white-wash for more personalized interest.

Check back as more easy art projects will continually
be added to this page as they are developed!

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