Easy Fall Crafts
Inspire Autumn Decorating

Simple Fall crafts can really dress up your home with rich, earthy colors for the Autumn season. The cool, crisp chill in the evening air is a welcomed relief to the hot days of Summer and seemingly endless yard maintenance. But as the leaves change colors and the season slows down, we can relax a bit by taking in all the glorious colors. Let nature inspire your fall decorating with her bounty.

Autumn Decorated Craft Ideas
Use some of these simple crafts and decor ideas
in your home. Learn more about them below.

Autumn is my favorite season for all the reasons just mentioned. There is something so relaxing about snuggling up in a warm sweatshirt with a hot mug of cider on a brisk day. Feeling the coolness of the outdoor air on your face and its freshness as you inhale, rejuvenates your spirit and soul, thus inspiring a creative mind for autumn decorating.

Fall crafts can easily be inspired and developed through the abundant colors and textures of the season. Let the roughness of hay bales and corn stalks or the bumpy texture of gourds and Indian corn provide direction for ideas. Incorporate these elements into your crafts and decor. Perhaps some of these simple ideas will assist you with your Fall decorating.

Autumn Candle Holders

Autumn Candle Holders

Various sized, empty soup cans provide the substrate for these candle holders. Think of different ways to decorate them. A hot glue gun can be your best friend. Also consider spray adhesive for lighter weight materials to adhere such as cut-outs.

Jute Candle Holder

Jute Candle Holder Start
A roll of jute, an empty soup can and a hot glue gun are all that's required. Start your jute at the bottom by carefully placing it over a line of hot glue.

Jute Candle Holder Progress
Apply glue around the circumference of the can for the first two, bottom revolutions of jute. Then begin dabbing glue from left to right on opposite sides of the can as you go. (Place a dab, place your jute through it. String the jute around to the other side and into another dab of glue.) Keep working in this fashion, one dab of glue at a time until you reach the top. Secure the last one or two revolutions fully with hot glue as you did the bottom.

Additional Colored Jute Is Added
Darker colored jute adds a little more interest as it's diagonally spiraled and tacked with minimal glue.

Autumn Inspired Jute Candle Holder
This completed fall craft took less than an hour to create. Add a seasonal, colored candle such as this harvest orange.

Use different width and height cans to create a unique arrangement. Be creative with the materials you apply to your empty cans. Some ideas I had were using narrow pine cones and wrapping them onto the can with jute twine or gluing acorns and other nuts around the entire surface. Mini-Indian corn could be placed vertically up the sides and either hot glued or tied. Consider gluing straw or pieces of corn husk as well. Use spray adhesive for these applications.

Brown, heavy-weight craft paper or brown paper bag could also establish a starting base surface. Use spray adhesive or craft glue and wrap the paper around the circumference of the bag. You can keep it this minimal or add items on top of the paper once it has dried.

In the example below, I used two bundles of reeds purchased from Dollar Tree, cut them to size and adhered them with hot glue.

Reed Candle Holder

Supplies For Reed Candle Holder
Seasonal colors were chosen for this Fall craft.

The can height was used as a guide
for cutting the reeds to length.

Glue is dabbed near the top and bottom of the can for each reed. Try to keep the reeds straight with each addition.

Reed Candle Holder
Fall colors are displayed nicely in the final result.

Note:These candle holders are for decorative purposes only and are not meant for lit candles. Use flameless candles if you prefer. 3" diameter pillars fit well.

Finish the tops of the cans with a piece of brown craft paper (or paper bag), or thin cork. I did nothing as the candle conceals the top enough that it's not an issue for me. You could also pre-spray paint the top and entire can brown before attaching the reeds. This is advisable as the can does show a bit between the reeds.

Leaf Candle Jar

Ideas for displaying candles are always swimming in my head. This idea is rather a take on another project I read about in which actual leaves were decoupaged over a jar using Mod Podge. In this case, I have chosen a simpler tactic. This project took 5 minutes.

Fabric Leaf Candle Jar
Spray adhesive, a clean pickle jar and some left-over fabric leaves develop this simple Fall craft.

Autumn Cnadle Jar
Lay your leaves flat and upside down on a protective material. I used the lid from a large plastic storage container. Spray the leaves fully and let the adhesive set for 15 seconds, and then carefully apply to jar. You may want to spray only two leaves at a time. You may also want to wear rubber gloves. Carefully press the leaf into place with your fingernail or with a popcicle stick. Be sure not to move the leaf around as the glue will smear the glass.

Autumn Candle Jar
Place a flameless candle votive inside for effect. Jute twine is tied around the lip to conceal the screw top.

Autumn Candle Jar Nest
I placed some decorative moss in the base of the jar
and created a nest for the flameless candle.
Note: Use flameless candles ONLY!

Note:This project is intended for adults. Children should not use spray adhesive. It can be difficult to remove from your fingers. I used a bit of acetone on the back of a rough sponge to clean my finger tips. Warm water and dish soap provide additional help.

Candle-Lit Grapevine Balls

Grapevine is another material that makes me think of Fall. Since I have numerous, flameless votive candles and grapevine balls around the home, I decided to combine them for a classy effect.

Grapevine Ball Lit Decor
Simple supplies create this quick Fall craft idea.

Flameless Candle Votive In Grapevine Ball
Create a hole in the grapevine with your fingers. Use scissors if necessary. Squeeze the votive into place without pushing it fully inside (as shown).

Lit Grapevine Balls In A Leaf-Shaped Platter
Lit and placed in a leaf-shaped bowl

Lit Grapevine Balls In A Leaf-Shaped Platter
As a coffeetable display

Lit Grapevine Balls As Table Center Piece
Random balls with flameless votives
are placed in a tiered table display.

Lit Grapevine Balls As Table Center Piece
With the room lights dimmed you can see the nice ambiance this display would make for Autumn entertaining.
Imagine each ball containing a votive.

Another Fall Craft Idea

Create a chandelier by suspending these grapevine balls and votives with varying lengths of jute twine from a grapevine wreath or tree branch. Attach the twine so the votive bottoms face toward the ceiling. This would be temporary, decorative lighting for a party or entertaining during the holidays. These votives are only battery operated so switching them on and off should be accessible.

Leaf Covered Candle

This decorative candle idea is amazingly easy and provides colorful, seasonal interest to your home. The project was essentially free as I already had the spare candle and jute. The leaves were found on my front walkway.

Leaf Wrapped Candle

Look for various shaped and colored leaves. Cut jute twine long enough to encircle the candle about 4 times.

Lay your twine out flat and place your leaves over the center of the twine. Lay the candle in the center over everything and pull the side of the twine up to hold the leaves in place. Add additional leaves carefully around the front of the candle and then fully tie. Wrap the remaining twine around the candle and knot.

The candle holder above was free from a local flea market as it had a loose base. Some simple wood glue on the dowel solved the issue. The wood stain with its orangey-hue is perfect for an Autumn candle display. Two large leaves were placed between the candle holder and the candle to provide a creative base.

For some reason, Fall crafts for Autumn decorating seem to develop easily for me. I guess since it is my favorite time of year, ideas are "bountiful". I hope you find some of the above crafts interesting enough to attempt yourself.

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