Fall Decorating Ideas

These simple fall decorating ideas are primarily free from nature. Just take a walk outside and look around at the bounty of colorful leaves on the ground, dried flowers and pods awaiting a new use, and pinecones and acorns scattered about. Fall is here!

Leaves are probably one of easiest items to incorporate in autumn decorating. You can scatter them across a table, place them in a bowl, even string them together to make rudimentary garland for a special occasion. Use them for arts and crafts by pressing them for picture frames or make etchings of them. Even write names on them for use as seating placeholders at holiday tables.

Nature's Bounty of Color

Bring autumn colors indoors with the simple use of leaves.

Leaves are easily attached to throw pillows with safety pins (straight pins can be used too). This look is best suited in a formal area for display purposes and lasts only about a day or so since the leaves tend to curl as they dry out. Replace the leaves daily to keep the look fresh. This is a neat idea during a holiday gathering, party or event.

Various types of leaves were selected to showcase a range of color and pattern.

More Fall Decorating Ideas

It doesn't get easier than this.
Exchange the leaves as they dry out.

Place leaves beneath candle pillars for interest.
This is best suited for candles not in use.
Use caution otherwise.

All of the above ideas provide a nice array of fall colors in this formal living space.

Fall Tabletop Display Ideas

Continue the use of earthy elements for other indoor displays to create cohesion in your home. Combine items such as dried flowers, fruits, and gourds as seen here. Don't forget about pinecones. Although not seen in this display, they always make me think of autumn and cooler weather. Go on a nature hike to source elements to create your own one-of-a-kind fall tabletop display.

Dried hydrangea, limes (see link below) and a large gourd pair well with some random driftwood. A few scattered leaves tie the look with the previous formal living room.

The junkyard spring finds yet another repurpose: creating a whimsical pedestal for my gourd and relating to the other industrial components within the home.

Get creative!
What do you have lying around that could be utilized in a clever way?
Visit the decorative accents page for steps on making dried limes.

Display leaves in vintage bottles.

Display leaves in vintage pottery with a seasonal color. TIP: Newer Fiestaware offers many fall colors!

Outdoor Fall Decorating Ideas

Peachy-orange begonias continue to bloom and tie in nicely with pumpkins as seen atop this front pathway entry.

Repurposed chimney pots flank the entry with yellow mums. Use hardy mums to later plant before winter sets in.

Fall elements combine to provide
an inviting entry for guests.

Switch out wreaths for quick seasonal decor.
Add elements found at Dollar stores.

Adorn simple grapevine wreaths with natural, seasonal items as seen here! Paddle wire is great for attaching.

For more seasonal ideas, visit my pages on
autumn decorating and fall crafts.

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