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Green Living is one of those catch phrases among others such as "going green" and "eco-friendly" which are taking the world by storm. It's hip to be green these days. Whether you've been recycling for years or are a newbie, it's never too late to start.

Green Living extends beyond recycling however. It is a way of life for many. If you are like me, you probably dislike being wasteful and may contemplate innovative ways to save a few bucks while helping the environment.

Making smart choices, starting at home, can benefit you and our earth. Now is the time to jump on the band wagon and reap some of the rewards of "going green". Read on to learn more about products and ways that "save". Turn your home into an eco-home.

Do you know how to be eco-friendly?

If you have visited some of the other pages on this website, you have most likely noticed the nod toward natural decorating ideas and methods. Using natural decor, especially items found free from nature, is the most environmentally friendly way to decorate your home. This type of decor works well with many various interior design and decorating styles, and is essential for achieving green interior design.

Repurpose pieces to keep them from hitting the landfills or reuse and recycle vintage pieces rather than purchasing new. Let's preserve our past and our future!

Since Green Living has become such an important cause, many manufacturers now strive to meet certain standards and guidelines to market eco-friendly products. This may include using natural, sustainable and recycled materials, or process changes that eliminate harsh chemicals, toxins, and even mechanized assembly. Yes, the cost may be a bit more elevated, but in choosing these products you are purchasing an item that is safer for you and the environment.

If you've always wondered why some of these products cost more, it's because a more hands-on approach has been utilized. Some of the processes may be more labor intensive as they are done by human rather than machine. It may seem you are paying a bit more up-front for some of these eco-friendly products, but if you consider the big picture, you are helping reduce energy costs which may trickle down to us all. What's more, you've chosen a product with less impact on your environment and ultimately your health.

ECO Tip The savings you achieve by implementing some of these green ideas will balance out the costs associated with purchasing eco-friendly products.

Eco-friendly furniture is here to stay, with more and more vendors responding to the growing demand. These could be pieces reclaimed and recycled (also called "upcycled"), those made from at least 50%-75% recycled materials, or those developed from fully sustainable materials.

Are you looking for ways to go green?

Learn more about eco-friendly products for cleaning, easy ways to reduce waste, and tips for conserving energy around your home with these green ideas. Start small and expand your green living strategies to reduce your carbon footprint and preserve the earth for our future.

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