Stay "AHEAD" of the Pack
With These Headboard Ideas

These headboard ideas will add some creative "Pizzazz" to your bedroom. Don't settle for what you can find in furniture stores. Develop a style that is your own and works better with your overall design direction.

Fabric Defines Headboard

If you've never had a headboard with your mattress and frame set, now is the time to add one. These headboard ideas will make your bed the star of the room, as it should be.

  • Define a headboard area with art. Span them across the wall or create a grid pattern, all within the width of the bed. Get creative. Use all different sized and framed pictures or mirrors to create a focal montage.

  • Repurpose items as a headboard. The options are limitless. Use old tall shutters, wooden, paneled doors (vertically or horizontally), rustic barn doors or floor planks, old window frames or porch pillars. Let taller items span from the floor and hang shorter items above the mattress area to give the illusion they continue to the floor. Other great ideas are room divider screens and outdoor trellis pieces or gates. Visit architectural warehouses to find unique pieces as well. Reclaimed, floating, wooden window sills, for instance, can create a neat presence for some beach house/cottage style. Give it a weathered look with crackle-paint effects or sanding and chipping the paint.
    Note: Be cautious of lead-paint with "repurposed" items.

  • Shipping Pallet As Headboard
    Shipping pallets are repurposed as a headboard assisting in the relaxed, casual feel of this space. Photo courtesy of Stylizimo

  • Build your own headboard. It's simple. Cut a piece of plywood, particle board or MDF(medium-density fiberboard), or any piece of spare substrate you may have that is large enough. Shape and size it as you wish, although a rectangle is easiest. Cover it with batting, available at fabric stores to give it some cushion and cover it with the fabric of your choice. It could even be a sheet to match a set you use. Pull the fabric tightly over the front, wrap it over the edges and staple or tack it to the backside. It doesn't have to be pretty on the backside as it will be up against the wall. You can attach it directly to the wall if you like or if it's heavy enough, allow it stay in position merely by the weight of the bed against it. You may even be able to attach it to your bedframe as you would a typical headboard.

    Get creative with your "fabric" materials too. Visit a fabric store to get different ideas. You could use leather or vinyl for a more contemporary look.

  • Define a headboard with fabric. Make a dramatic statement by draping a piece of fabric to frame the bed. (as seen above) Add additional elements to make the focal area more interesting.

  • Frame the headboard area with wood moulding. Imagine the look of some custom architectural detail, similar to a coffered ceiling, on your wall. You could also adhere fabric directly to the wall or a thin panel of wood (even cardboard), attach it to the wall and frame it out with moulding. Similarly, use beadboard or wallpaper to define the headboard area and finish it off with decorative trim and moulding.

  • Use natural elements. Visit high-end garden centers and look for unique fencing and privacy screens made from materials such as bamboo, woven willow and banana leaf. Use sections to imbibe an organic feel into your room. Go more natural and create your own look. Find tall branches and sticks, clean them well and use them to create an organic headboard. Hot glue them or nail them onto a thin piece of wood (spray painted a dark brown to mask it), or nail them directly to the wall. Consider weaving natural rope or jute through the branches in two or three locations to create your own screen. Anchor it with hooks or nail it directly to your wall once completed. Consider using willow branches horizontally too for another neat, natural look.

The ideas are endless. Be creative. I'm sure you could develop some unique headboard ideas of your own. Just look around for inspiration.

Wooden Room Divider As Headboard
A wonderful, carved, wooden room divider becomes a headboard and infuses a Moroccan feel to this mysterious, dramatic retreat of deep plum, orange and brown tones.

Here are more room dividers like the one used above.

A few more headboard ideas to consider.

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