Seasonal And Holiday
Decorating Ideas

A Simple, Year-Roud Grapevine Wreath

These simple, holiday decorating ideas will give your home a warm, welcoming look throughout the year. Whether you like to express your spirit for all the major holidays or prefer a more general approach by celebrating the seasons, you are sure to find a few easy, frugal ways to make a great impression.

Outdoor decorating can be versatile enough to encompass most any time of the year. Some minimalist decor such as grapevine expresses a casual, organic touch that is not too fussy and can be adorned with colorful accessories appropriate for the season. I personally take this simplistic approach and add more decorative touches during major holidays or seasons. September Through March involves numerous decor changes both indoors and out.

Decorating your front entry is relatively easy, regardless of the occasion, season or holiday. A visit to any local home or garden center throughout the year will provide you plenty of ideas and relevant, decorating products in their seasonal displays. A simple, "season appropriate" wreath on the front door can be a no-fuss solution. Some of my favorites are available at Organic Bouquet.

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Another easy item for holiday decorating is a festive, seasonal flag. Buy a few and switch them throughout the year as appropriate. Simple solutions such as these allow the busy homeowner to express their spirit with ease.

Autumn is undoubtedly my favorite season. The cool, crisp nights, the smell of leaves in the air, and rich earthy colors abound the property, inspiring many of my Fall Decorating Ideas. Rather than holiday decorating for Thanksgiving per se, I prefer a seasonal approach by choosing pumpkins, gourds and straw bales for a simple festive display. An autumn themed decorative flag and some colorful leaves added to wreaths and interior plates and bowls add just the right touch. Other organic items such as pinecones, acorns and seedpods fit the theme nicely for use in Fall Crafts and Autumn Decorating.

Some go all out for Halloween. I simply transition my Autumn decor to include carved pumpkins lit with tea-lights the week leading up to Halloween Eve. Place numerous jack-o-lanterns together in groups around your property for authentic, eerie impact. Tip: With the invention of flameless candles, you can now illuminate your jack-o-lanterns without having them shrink. Visit my page on Pumpkin Decorating Ideas for more, festive, pumpkin examples.

During the Winter holidays, use free decor for your exterior doors with cuttings of Pine, Fir, Spruce, Hemlock and other evergreen trees. Bundle them together as horizontal or vertical hanging swags. Add clippings from other shrubs such as green or red Barberry (adorned with red berries) and Azaleas (with their vibrant orange-red leaves). Nothing compares to the classy look of fresh, organic holiday decor. See other ways to use organic decor on my Christmas Decorating Ideas page.

New ornaments can get costly but these Christmas tree decorating ideas provide simple ways to decorate your holiday tree without over-spending. Want to take a more frugal approach? Switch decorations with a friend. This no-cost solution affords a new, festive look. Of course you may be in the spirit to make your own homemade Christmas ornaments such as these.

Get artistic this year and create a grapevine tree as an alternative to the traditional look of an evergreen tree, or create some shimmer and sparkle with a classy snowflake tree. For outdoors, you may want to make a topiary that reflects your style.

When Spring comes round again, I'm quite eager to have any trace of the Winter holiday season packed-up and out of sight for awhile. The first pops of Spring color via yellow, Winter Aconite and Snow Crocus have me craving colorful planters placed upon my decks and porches to welcome Spring and to chase away the dull, gray hues of Winter. Adding yellow sprays of Forsythia to my grapevine wreaths helps lighten and brighten the mood easily and keeps my mind content until temperatures warm up enough for bulbs to emerge and potted annuals to survive.

Trellis Entry Gate

Outdoor decorating throughout the year. Create an inviting entry.

Sections of trellis are "repurposed" as gates to dress up this front entry. They are attached to the stone columns via c-clamps available in plumbing hardware departments. An inexpensive alternative to wrought iron gates. Lion statues stand guard in a stately manner to welcome guests.

Seasonal and holiday decorating doesn't have to be laborious or overly involved. Try keeping it simple and afford yourself more time to share with family and friends.

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