Clever Kids Room Ideas

Kids room ideas are probably one of the most fun to develop and implement. It is quite easy to create an enjoyable environment for them and let their personalities shine. There are many approaches to this. You can try to develop a room that they can grow and evolve with rather than choosing a specific theme. Whichever you choose, I'm sure you will get some enjoyment out of the creation process and its final result.

Hip and Savvy-Styled, Contemporary Kids Room Ideas

Perhaps your kid's room started out as their nursery. Cute colors in soft pastels once seemed appropriate but no longer do as your child enters their early school years. Soon you have to paint to give them a more age appropriate look. The teenage years have the room "morphing" yet again.

Dinosaur Nightlight Combat some of these changes by starting out with a fun, bright color palette that will be appropriate for the newborn yet will allow for flexibility as your child grows. Think long term. Choose colors that could work for numerous stages of their life. Consider one accent wall in a bright pop of color like orange or royal blue and leave the remaining neutral or white. Plenty of color will be introduced through the use of accessories such as throw pillows and bedding sets, as well as their toys and figures displayed on shelves. You will still achieve that "kids room vibe" going this route rather than choosing a childhood theme.

More Considerations:

  • Add color with your child's artwork. Consider adding horizontal magnetic strips along some of those neutral walls at your child's height. Let them hang their brightly colored art on the walls as pops of fun color and to introduce their personality, or create some art for them with these easy ideas.

  • Paint one of the walls with chalkboard paint. It could be the entire wall, half way up the wall (at their height), or a color block band midway between the floor and ceiling.

  • Choose furnishings that are at their height such as a small drawing table and chairs. As they grow, you may want to skip the twin bed phase and choose a double right away. Those growth spurts come quickly and you'll already be prepared for them. Choose a platform bed that only requires the mattress while they are younger and can accommodate a future boxspring to increase the height.

  • Introduce fun color with area rugs, drapes and quirky, whimsical lighting. These ideas are all easily changed as their interests change and are relatively cheap to switch out.

For some great, contemporary-styled kids furnishings and accessories,
visit IKEA®. You're sure to garner some cool, kids room ideas there!

Additional Tips for a Contemporary Look

Add interest and color with wall art. Choose neutral-topic, non-gender specific, non-commercial subject matter such as the Primary Colors, A,B,C's, 1,2,3's, Zoo Animals, to name a few. These kids room ideas are easy to switch out as your child grows and is ready for a room update.


Dinosaur Bedding Set
A cool, compilation of colors and patterns
are what make this room appealing and stylish.

Cool Kids Room
Colorful accessories "pop" against a neutral wall,
while repeating colors from the opposite side of the room.

Fun Book Storage
Frugal Tip Some throw-away pieces are "Restored and Reused" for "book-keeping". Small shelves are painted white and are the perfect height for the ruler of this room. An old, wooden crate is painted dark blue to contrast with the opposite blue accent wall and provides more storage for books and some stuffed friends.

Note how neutral walls allow toys, accessories and even book spines to provide the colorful interest in this space. No need for wall color when there is already an abundance of color throughout.

Want to create this look in your home?

Kids Room Decorating Accents and Design Elements

Follow these kids room ideas and decorating strategies.

  • Choose an accent color and search for similarly colored decor. Use this accent color on a wall to build further cohesion. In this room, a fun, bright blue personally chosen by the room's resident, my five-year-old nephew, provides some excitement. Using bold colors on one accent wall, allows the room to remain open and airy, while increasing the focal interest the wall demands.

  • Choose materials and repeat them throughout the space. A mix of orange wood-tones in furniture and natural wood-tones in toys and accents, provide nice contrast while relating well to the floor color.

  • Add interest with various textures. A furry, blue fabric, cushioned chair provides a fun reading spot in the room's corner. Three, woven, storage baskets in bright colors house a collection of peeking Dr. Seuss characters. A neat trunk with a smooth finish resides bedside and repeats the smoothness of the painted book shelves and crate.

  • Repeat a pattern or design motif. A cool, dinosaur-themed bedding set provides excellent accent colors to the blue of the wall. The dinosaurs develop a direction for a few, additional items to develop some cohesion. Stripes, seen in the drapery and bed skirt, provide additional, visual interest.

  • Personalize the space with names or initials. In this room, carved, wooden letters spell the child's name and initials down the entry door announce whose room you are entering. A mirror hung at just the right height provides further "personalization".

Themed Kids Room Ideas

Most kids begin developing a love of certain cartoon or movie characters at a very young age. At that point, let them help with the "design decisions". The direction you go may very well be a toy laying right beside you on the sofa.

Note that themes can easily go overboard with all the matching accessories and products available, so take heed and add them slowly to develop a completed look that's just right.

  • Choose your theme or character(s) to get a direction and to determine colors. Rather than matching the colors exactly, go a shade lighter
    so the accessories you choose are noticeable, rather than blending in too much.

  • Pick colors they can grow with. For instance, if you choose a Spongebob Squarepants theme, it may be better to choose a muted shade of blue that coordinates with the Spongebob logo, rather than a bright yellow. You could trim out the woodwork in white and could do a focal wall in aqua, yellow, or darker blue.

    Note: If this is too much color, you could go more neutral. Do three walls in a white shade and an accent wall in one of the fun colors mentioned above. You will still develop a room that screams Spongebob once the accessories have been added.

  • Choose complementing accessories, such as area rugs and drapery to add more aqua, blue or yellow that may be lacking. Adding white may be a smart idea for breaking-up too much color.

  • Choose a bedding set from the show that depicts the characters and uses the colors you have chosen in the room.

  • Add fun accessories such as character nightlights or lampshades as well as toys to display as decor on shelving.

  • Want a bit more "POP"? Add a removable wall decal on the focal wall above the bed! Here are more great wall themes. These things are truly amazing and worth trying!

See how easy it was to take a kids room idea and turn it into a completed look? Apply what I've done above to your own themed idea, or should I say your kid's idea?

I'm sure your child has plenty of ideas for themes but here are a few, less-commercial ideas that may last a bit longer and not become so "outdated" as your child develops a new, favorite, cartoon character.

Non-commercial Theme Ideas For Boys

    • Trains
    • Airplanes
    • Boats
    • Cars and Trucks
    • Tractors and Heavy Equipment
    • Space Creatures
    • Dinosaurs
    • Sea-Life
    • Western/Cowboy
    • Safari/Jungle Theme

Non-commercial Theme Ideas For Girls

    • Fairies
    • Princess
    • Horse, Pony or Unicorn
    • Flowers
    • Lady Bugs
    • Butterflies
    • Dragonflies
    • Polka Dots
    • Animal Prints
    • Ocean/Beach/Tropical

Final Thought On Kids Room Ideas

Perhaps themes aren't for you. After all, kids grow quickly and may become bored with the look as new interests develop. Perhaps you want your kid's rooms to flow with the rest of the rooms of the home while still allowing for some of their personality to shine.

In this case, choose bright pops of color in bedding and decor and some fun, whimsical lighting. Choose to stay neutral with your wall colors and your kid's room will "change" as the contents within change.

If you still want a change but don't want to commit to a paint color, consider temporary wallpaper. This cool kids room idea allows for an instant transformation. You may even want to use some of these products in other rooms of your home. If you rent, you especially want to check them out. There is even a removable "blank canvas" wallpaper available that you or your child can paint and write on for extreme customization and creativity!

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