A Kitchen Makeover
Melds Old With New

Does your kitchen makeover seem unachievable? Are you looking for ideas to get the most bang for your buck? If so, follow along to see how I did a frugal makeover on this kitchen. With a little elbow grease and some smart material choices, you can produce a look that makes your space feel fresh and contemporary.

Old Kitchen Gets Updated With New Coffeehouse Paint Colors And Stainless Touches

This kitchen makeover was rather fun. When you start with a space in dire need of updating, the slightest changes seem to make the largest impact. Paint, for example, made a huge difference in this space. New paint can quickly freshen up a kitchen, where steam, oil and grease may be taking a toll. What a difference a little paint can make, especially when you are switching colors to one that's more appropriate or is a current trend.

White was the chosen neutral to open up the space and allow the cabinet color to command attention. A coffeehouse theme inspired the color direction while touches of stainless through appliances and accents help the dated room feel a bit more contemporary. Some new, modern lighting finished the space nicely.

A Kitchen Makeover Revealed

North High Property

Timing and budget were major factors in this frugal kitchen makeover. Always look for the cosmetic items that can be easily addressed to make immediate improvements. Paint is typically the quickest and most economical change that makes the biggest impact in a space left otherwise unaltered.

A Frugal Kitchen Makeover Before And After

Simpler changes, although perhaps not as readily noticeable as a new paint color, could be new lighting fixtures and new cabinet hardware. Updating all of these smaller items helps establish a more cohesive and thoughtful look. However, cut corners when necessary, such as when you are dealing with a set budget. You can update old hardware with spray paint to save a few hundred bucks.

A Frugal Kitchen Makeover Before And After

What Did This Kitchen Makeover Entail?

  • A new textured ceiling was applied to repair previous water damages. A new rubber roof was placed over this room prior to its interior updates.

  • All appliances and lower, modular cabinets were removed.

  • Dated carpeting was removed which revealed glued, laminate tiles, also removed. Note: Take precautionary measures by using protective equipment such as face masks when dealing with potential, asbestos-containing materials. The floor was cleaned down to a sound subfloor.

  • The walls and ceiling were painted a neutral, antique white. Choosing an eggshell or satin paint finish is often advisable in kitchens.

  • Discontinued, ceramic tile flooring with coordinating colors, was found for a bargain at a major home improvement store and was installed.

  • The vintage, farmhouse-style sink was refinished with a porcelain repair kit for a like-new appearance.

  • All trimwork and cabinets were painted a rich, chocolate brown from our coffeehouse-inspired color choices. Painted kitchen cabinets provide a quick update so consider doing this when you need a change. You may also want to consider some of the cabinet transformation kits offered by RUST-OLEUM.

  • New lighting and switches were installed.

  • New appliances were added.

  • A decorative, tile cabochon surround for the sink added a custom touch and pulled in more of our coffeehouse colors.

  • Other decorative elements to help tie the space together were added such as stainless insets, stainless cabinet base molding and updated or refinished hardware.

This frugal kitchen makeover comes in around $1,600.00 and a large portion of that is due to new stainless appliances. Tile flooring was the next big ticket item followed by the lighting. Paint and accessories make up the rest. Since all the work was done by me, there are no labor charges to calculate but paid labor would have added an additional $2,000.00 most likely with the installation of tile, a plaster ceiling and custom sink surround. All in all, the room looks much more appealing now. Budget constraints kept me from addressing some features I would have liked, such as new cabinets and countertops. Since both were in acceptable condition they were retained and other important issues were addressed instead.

A Porcelain Repair Kit Helped Make An Old Farmhouse Sink Look New Again.

A porcelain repair kit was a thrifty approach for updating this classic sink. The entire sink and its cabinet is a major focal feature in this room with character that would be difficult to replace.

The old faucet, in good working order, was cleaned up well and retained, adding the authentic, vintage vibe of the sink and again saving some money in this kitchen update.

Old and New can be combined to produce a Unique, Updated Look

And my favorite element of the kitchen?

Inset Tile Surrounds A Vintage Farmhouse Sink
A better view of the mosaic slate surround with its
unique texture and earthy coffeehouse colors.

So, if you're wondering how to update a kitchen, hopefully I've given you some places to start. Not all kitchen renovations must involve new granite countertops and reconfigured floor plans. Sure, having those could make things better, but when you are dealing with a budget, it's comforting to know that big style can be achieved without big bucks. I'm sure you can come up with many of your own budget kitchen makeover ideas to help you save. For more guidance with your makeover visit my Kitchen Decorating Ideas page.

Be creative with your solutions and develop a style that is uniquely your own. Add custom touches, such as the above tile surround, in key areas if you can't afford a solid surface countertop. It is sometimes about compromise and often it's the little details that make the biggest impression.

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