Natural Decor
Brings the Outdoors In

Natural decor is something I began using when I purchased my first home. Like many new homeowners, money can be tight when it comes to decorating. Because of this, we often have to come up with creative solutions. Those creative solutions sparked my interest in designing with nature.

Natural Inspiration

Much of my styling has an organic feel which is attributed to the natural items I find and use in my designs. Natural decor produces a sense of comfort and calmness. After all, we strive to have our decor and designs evoke a feeling of comfort for our guests.

What started out as "frugal decor" has become a staple of my design; one of which I will never tire nor could live without. Perhaps this page will open your eyes to what can be achieved freely from nature. Perhaps you will be inspired to bring the outdoors in.

Nature Abounds. Nature not only produces decor to use in your home but it also inspires colors. Earthy and natural colors are always well received.

ECO Tip Natural decor is eco-friendly decor. If you are a proponent of green-living, incorporate some of these ideas into your home.

Branches, Limbs, Twig and Vine

Whenever I'm out taking nature walks and I find a unique piece of wood or a branch, I end up bringing it home. I can always find a way to incorporate it as decor or art.

Driftwood Branch
A nice piece of driftwood is featured in a foyer with some vintage stoneware and a large river stone. A perfect trio.

Display of Branches
A collection of sticks and branches that has slowly grown over time creates a nice organic feature in this corner.

Bundle of Sticks
A bundle of espresso stained branches creates
a nice accent on this long narrow console.

Tree Bark Table Centerpiece
A large piece of tree bark becomes a
creative option for a table centerpiece.

Hollow Branch Decor
A unique, hollow branch rests atop this bathroom molding as a focal feature. Curly Willow twigs protrude from a glass vase to its left.

Look for willow branches at craft and home specialty stores.
It's an easy way to infuse some organic style into your design.

Willow Branch Decor

An All-Natural Arrangement

Willow branches, dried seed pods and a large, hand-crafted wood planter from reclaimed timber. Splurge on unique, key items.

Willow Lamp
A bundle of willow branches attached to a pole lamp
(upper right) creates a neat visual effect.

Look for other types of natural decor such as the following
at craft and home specialty stores.

Bamboo Shoot Decor
The color of the bamboo and its vase complement an organic styled family room.

Red Cane Sticks
Look for various types of reeds and grasses to fit your decor. These burgundy dyed cane sticks repeat a subtle pop of color from a nearby mosaic coffeetable top.

Eucalyptus Branches
I love the fresh, cleansing smell of eucalyptus
used throughout a home. Nothing compares.

Branch Decor

I purchased a large bundle of decorative branches from a home store and divided it in half. Jute rope with unique knotting was used to keep the bundles together. I took pictures as I disassembled the knots so I would be able to replicate them.

The branch bundles now flank a bathtub with organic ease.

Grapevine is another natural item I use quite frequently in my designs. Plain grapevine wreaths and vine used around outside entries can read casual and contemporary. It is extremely versatile and can be used in many manners. Infuse some "organic creativity" into your space with grapevine.

Grapevine Balls
Grapevine balls placed in a hand-carved, reclaimed wooden bowl provide a relaxed, organic feel.

Organic Projects You Can Do

Look at the grapevine lighting project I did to add some character to a unique townhome stairway or how I used a tree branch as a decorative shower rod. Visit Decorating Ideas to see more projects and to get inspired.

Rocks and Stones

Some of my favorite natural decor is straight from the earth. Rocks and stones exhibit tranquility and calmness in your space. A relaxed sophistication of simplicity.

Combining these elements develops an organic oasis of escape. Place branches and stones in your space. Paint a neutral palette and use soft hues in your furnishings. You'll easily appreciate organic styling.

Jar of Pebbles and Shells

I found this vintage, lidded jar with a handle while cleaning out a basement. I filled it with pebbles and shells and sat it on a leftover piece of slate from a landscaping project.

Frugal Tip This natural decor, a focal on an entry console, was less than $5.00 - the cost of a few bags of pebbles and shells from the Dollar Store.

Stone Decor

A collection of stones and a triangular piece of slate find refuge in a large, rustic, stone platter. This central coffeetable accent always gains recognition from guests.

My parents collected these coastal stones
from the Cape Cod shoreline.

Organic Styling

Look at the various organic materials used in this space. Rocks, pieces of slate, organic fabric pillows and sea grass mats create a unified, cohesive look and feel.

Note: The diamond pattern on the coffeetable top mimics that of the woven, sea grass flooring pattern. These are the subtle details that really finish a room. Consider this a repeated motif of diamonds or triangles. It is again seen in the pieces of slate used as decor.

Slate Accent
More, triangular pieces of slate continue the motif into the kitchen, creating continuity. This slate acts as an accent and functions as a trivet on this countertop.

Other Natural Decor and Accents

Many other types of natural decor further infuse an organic element throughout my spaces. They also add textural interest to the rooms. Some I have bought, some I have created.

Want to see some other types of natural decor? Visit Decorative Accents for more organic ideas and projects.

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