Nursery Room Ideas
That Allow For "Growth"

Are your nursery room ideas leaving you "blue" . . . (or pink)? Resist the temptation of cliche colors. Go modern and mainstream. Your newborn's "pad" can have the same character as the rest of your home.

I prefer choosing colors that are more unisex. This is especially helpful if the expectant parents do not want to know the gender of the child beforehand, but want to complete a nursery. Some of the best and safest colors are light, soft greens and yellows. These non-gender specific colors say "baby" and you can easily find plenty of nursery related accessories that match.

Giraffe Wall Art Need a design theme or direction? Look in nursery departments. What are you seeing often from store to store? This should give you some ideas. Giraffes, monkeys and turtles are subtle themes that are easy to accessorize. Some current, hip trends are
whimsical owls, as seen in the featured, stylish nursery below.

These nursery room ideas have Owls-A-Hootin!

Owl Themed Nursery
A neat owl fabric is used throughout this space.
The handy homeowner created a custom window valence, blanket, numerous throw pillows, table runners and
some safe, fabric wall art.

Owl Themed Nursery
A nice overall view of the room
depicting a clean, balanced look.

Owl Themed Nursery
This corner angle shows how a neutral breaks up the two opposing accent walls of green. Use this technique
to keep your room feeling light and airy.

Reclaimed Storage Shelf
Frugal Tip A "found" shelf is repainted with some contrasting, leftover paint. Cute storage bins become a creative solution in this free, functional unit. You never know what you will find curbside.

Want to create this look in your home?

Nursery Decorating Accents and Design Elements

Follow these nursery room ideas and decorating strategies.

  • Choose an accent color and search for similarly colored decor. Use this accent color on a wall to build further cohesion. In this room, a soft, sage green color coordinates nicely with the darker trim used throughout the main living areas of this home which also flows into this room. This versatile color can be used for a boy or girl and will transition easily as the child ages.

  • Choose materials and repeat them throughout the space. Light and dark wood toned furniture are balanced smartly throughout the space and relate to the various brown tones available in the chosen, decorative fabric.

  • Add interest with various textures. A jute window blind with a horizontal texture is repeated in a green area rug, adding a pop of color to the floor and tying the room together subtly. The ribbed cushion of the rocking chair provides further, related texture.

  • Repeat a pattern or design motif. In this room, owls reign the roost. A fun, owl adorned fabric helps establish additional room colors, providing cohesion throughout the space. These complementary shades of green and earthy browns assist in keeping this room contemporary-chic.

  • Create custom artwork that relates to the room. "Whimsy" owl prints were downloaded from free image sites, printed out and inserted into some leftover frames. For more ideas on creating your own art, see the Framed Art section.

Custom Corner Owl Tree
A hand-painted tree trunk provides interest
in a corner and becomes a foundation
for some owl and branch wall decals.

Custom Whimsical Owl Tree
A smaller tree is hand-painted in a sibling's room to
use up the remaining, numerous owls and chirping birds.

Reinvented Owl Mobile

And the "Piece De Resistance" - a custom owl mobile.
This handy homeowner took an old mobile, used by her eldest son (my nephew), and recreated it to fit this room's theme. Hand-made, plush owl animals were sewn together from some leftover fabric.

Let's give this frugal mom a hand! Good job Sis!

Enjoy crafting and creating your own nursery art?

Consider using helpful tools such as the Cricut Expression 2 Cutting Machine
which creates perfect shapes and then cuts them into paper, vinyl and fabric
to name a few. Add the Create a Critter cartridge for more fun and versatility.

Additional Nursery Room Ideas

  • Aim for a simple, uncluttered space. You want a serene environment for you and your newborn.

  • As mentioned above, choose wall colors that are transitional and gender-neutral.

  • Instead of a themed room, choose white on most walls and add a pop of bright color such as bright, lime green or orange to an accent wall. Introduce additional, fun colors with area rugs and drapery.

  • Choose fun, whimsical lighting that says this is a kid's room. Your newborn will learn to love it as he/she grows older and embraces the room.

  • Choose functional furnishings with plenty of storage. Storage bin units are great for storing diapers, onesies and eventually lots of toys.

Some Additional Themes or Design Motifs

  • Clouds
  • Celestial (for a more modern take)
  • Hot-Air Balloons
  • Winnie-the-Pooh and Friends
  • Dr. Seuss

Tip: Keep your walls neutral or white and decorate them with wall decals.
Removable wallpaper provides another versatile and
temporary solution for your nursery.

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