Outdoor Patio Furniture
Provides Seating and STYLE

New outdoor patio furniture can be the quickest way to spruce up your outdoor living space. Outdoor furniture takes a beating during the seasons. Direct sunlight has the tendency to fade the fabrics and make the sets drab. Manufacturers are continually developing new materials to help increase the longevity of the sets and better enable them to withstand the elements. Check major outdoor centers to see some of the latest trends and materials.

Patio Dining Set with Sling Fabric

Sling fabric, which is a mesh-like material, is a great option for seating. Although I love the look of sets with cushions, more care is required. Storage for the cushions may be an issue and water-proof fabrics may tend to absorb some water as they age. Additional water-proofing may be required and is an option of course. If you want an easier solution with fabric that cleans and wears well, consider sling fabric sets.

Frugal Tip Buy complete sets to save money. Check for end-of-season clearance deals. I have bought numerous, high-end sets at half-price reductions. Shop around.

Bistro sets are great, economical choices for seating in small areas or to define quaint, restful retreats on your property. I have a rather expansive outdoor space and enjoy using numerous sets throughout. They are easy to move around so consider placing them in nice, shaded nooks away from your home.

Bistro Set Outdoor Retreat
A place to sit and read, sip your morning coffee
or gaze at your landscaping.

Bistro sets come in many finishes which are easy to maintain and clean.
Vintage wrought iron sets are also wonderful to find and refurbish.

Bistro Set on Deck
Vintage patio furniture is sought after
and retro pieces are making a comeback.

I'm a huge fan of the synthetic wicker and woven materials for outdoor patio furniture. The trendy espresso color provides a modern edge too. I snagged this set at huge savings during an end-of-season clearance sale. It provides a nice conversation area. The material is easily cleaned with a hose or wiped down with a damp rag.

Patio Conversation Set

I apply a vinyl protectant, like Armor All®, to a rag and lightly wipe it over the synthetic material for extra UV protection.

I also apply additional water-proof protectant
to my outdoor cushions.

Patio furniture could also be some simple outdoor seating. Look for unique pieces with materials that are easy to clean and care for. Stackable chairs are nice space savers when packing your furniture away in the winter (which I advise doing to increase their longevity).

Patio Occasional Seating

Synthetic wicker in dark brown is easy to care for and provides a contemporary look. Add a few outdoor, decorative throw pillows for a more relaxed and inviting look.

Terra-cottas, browns, light blues and greens are popular outdoor color choices for patterned fabrics.

The above photos show how different furniture choices can alter the mood, feel or use of the same space. Experiment by rotating your pieces or collections from year to year for a new fresh feel. Switch out, add or replace decorative pillows for an instant make-over.

Contemporary Patio Set
A relaxing retreat is established with this set.

Here are a few tips when purchasing your outdoor patio furniture

  • Do a little research on the pieces you intend to buy. This may be reading comments posted by others who have bought the product or learning more about the materials used and how the manufacturer has treated them to assist in their wear. Also see what type of warranty a manufacturer offers. If they stand behind their product for numerous years, you should feel confident with the purchase.

  • Plan the type of furniture you need before you shop. How many people will you need to seat? Can you add additional pieces, such as extra chairs to the set, if you need to expand it? Remember, many sets change from year to year so it's better to purchase all the extra seating you may require with your initial purchase.

  • Measure your space. You may see something that looks like it will fit your patio or deck fine but once people are seated around that dining set, it may be a different story. Jot down your measurements and have them handy before you make a purchase.

  • Consider color choices carefully. It's better to go with a neutral palate and add color with decorative throw pillows. You can easily update your set with new pillow colors rather than replacing the furniture.

There are so many neat sets available that I'm sure you will enjoy browsing for your perfect, outdoor furniture. Consider pergolas and canopies too. They establish or define an outdoor space and provide shade. Happy shopping!

If you've recently purchased your outdoor patio furniture and want to add a bit more character to your space, consider adding some Container Gardens.

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