Successful Room Paint Colors

Choosing your room paint colors can often be challenging. Many people naturally find this task difficult due to the endless array of available colors. I have provided some tips to assist your decision on my paint color pages. Hopefully, if you are on this page, you have already committed to a great color and are here to show it off.

Since a picture speaks a thousand words, feel free to post some photos of your successful room colors. We want to see colors that make a positive statement. Colors that provided an impressive outcome and you'd love to use again or suggest to others to use in their homes. Lets help each other out with some well received colors.

Paint and Color Questions or Comments?

Have you discovered a great paint color that works well with your design style? Want to share it with us? Feel free to tells us a bit about the room and why the color works so well. If you are having difficulty determining your paint colors, ask for advice here too.

What Other Visitors Shared

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The Earthy Yellow Family Room 
To date, this is still one of the best colors I've ever chosen for an accent wall color. I recommend this color to people often as it creates such a warm, …

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