A Simply Elegant
Snowflake Tree

This snowflake tree developed within a matter of minutes. Numerous opaque and crystal ornaments from years and trees past suddenly stood united affording a specific design direction: snowflakes.

It was easy to develop a cohesive tree with this color direction and theme in mind. I used clear, iridescent, silver and crystal ornaments for a frosty, snowy, icy look, and of course, classic white lights are a must for all of those opulent elements to reflect and shimmer against.

Creating this snowflake tree didn't break the bank one bit. In fact, I almost marvel at what was achieved with ornaments and elements that most likely did not cost more than $25.00 total. Read more below to see how this snowflake tree developed and how you can utilize these frugal decorating ideas to create an impressive tree that looks like a million bucks.

A Snowflake Tree Amid a Wintry Day

An old pencil tree previously used for outdoor decor
takes centerstage in the front window.

I bought this 5.5 foot tall tree about 15 years ago at the former Flower and Craft Warehouse in Blue Ball, Pennsylvania, now the Flower and Home Marketplace. I was drawn to its sparse narrow branch arrangement and lifelike bark trunk.

A reclaimed automotive spring provides a unique industrial touch to relate the tree with similar elements used throughout this space.

Ornaments in a defined color range create cohesion.

Various shapes and sizes provide depth and interest. Those little pearlescent and frosted balls, along with the wire-wrapped lights, were bought at Target long ago.

Even with the lights off, this tree looks elegant and sparkles in the natural light.

A closer look at some of the ornaments

It seems snowflakes were the hot ticket this year at Dollar Tree. I bought 12 of these (packs of 6).

Another snowflake find at Dollar Tree.
I really like the ice crystal effect these produce.

I'm a fan of repurposed chandelier crystals and prisms, but finding enough of them can be tricky and costly. These were a super alternative in packs of 3 at Dollar Tree.

These were a staple at Dollar Trees during the holidays for a long time, but I did not see them there this year. Six to a pack was a deal, and many packs were purchased!

Custom Ornaments

I bought these framed ornaments at Family Dollar 2 years ago for 0.25 cents a piece. Their sparkling silver finish works well and provides interest along the trunk.

Use picture frame ornaments like these to create a personal touch with family photos, or place images within that relate to the theme of your tree. When I used these last, I inscribed inspirational holiday words within each one: Peace, Hope, Joy. See how I originally customized these ornaments.

Homemade Ornament Ideas

My mother made these for her tree last year. Strands of snowflake garland were cut into sections and grouped together on hooks. Their silver-iridescent color and snowflake pattern make them perfect fillers.
TIP: Save money by lending and borrowing ornaments with friends and family, or buy a few special pieces to add to existing inventory. Mix and match for a special look.

Another project from years past come to use again. Silver wire and gem ornaments help repeat color and provide reflective surfaces to emulate an icy aura.

Visit my page on Homemade Christmas Ornaments
to see how these were made and to get other ornament ideas!

The Finishing Touch

A unique ornament came attached to a gift I received last year. Since I didn't have multiples to use throughout, and since this single ornament was rather grand, it became the topper for my snowflake tree. The medallion shape with inset crystal elements reminds me of snowflakes!

An Impressive Snowflake and Icicle Tree on a Budget
I couldn't be more pleased with my frugal snowflake tree. It is perhaps one of my most favorites to date.

For more inspiration, visit Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas.

Happy Holiday Tree Decorating!

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