Vintage Cabinets & Shelves
Provide Functional Charm

Vintage cabinets have tons of character and add instant charm to any room. Their multi-functional capabilities allow them to work as smart, storage solutions and focal furniture pieces for displaying items.

Many furniture examples shown below, originally had different purposes and are now used as decorative accents with storage. Some vintage cabinets may be sought after antiques that are rather pricey and of high value. Others may be unique creations constructed from leftover items such as old, wooden shutters and reclaimed barn siding. Whatever your room's style, from Victorian to Rustic, you are certain to find a cabinet or shelving solution that reinforces your design direction.

Hooiser Cabinet
Antique Hoosier cupboards were used as functional kitchen workspaces, providing storage for baking supplies such as flour, sugar and spices, compartments for utensils and cookware, and a signature retractable counter.

This source may have the missing Hoosier accessories you seek.

Hoosier Cabinet
Today, with the convenience of built-in kitchen cabinetry and countertops, these vintage cabinets are more apt to be primarily used for storage and/or display purposes.

Antique China Cabinet
An antique hutch both displays and stores. An ideal
piece for vintage collections of china and glassware.


Vintage cabinets such as these are often built from leftover materials. Commonly used elements are reclaimed shutters both solid and louvered. Their top, bottom and back, as well as inner shelving, may consist of scrap lumber, old fence pickets and barn siding. The compilation of these different, repurposed elements are what give these cabinets their rustic charm.

Shabby Chic Cabinet

This cabinet has solid shutter door fronts and louvered shutter sides. A fun pop of color provides more visual interest. Note the distressed finish, a common "shabby" feature.

A smaller, unique, wooden box with a hinged door has an unknown past, but plenty of colorful character.

Shabby Chic Cabinet
As impressive as the cabinet above but with a more solid color finish, this piece pulls duty in a washroom housing linens, towels and bath soaps.


Some vintage "cabinets" did not start out as such but have become
classy storage solutions in an age of modern convenience.

Vintage Dry Sink
This restored and reused, antique dry sink provides
value, charm and storage space in a dining area.

Refinished and Restored Antique Ice Chest
A gorgeous, antique ice chest provides tons of
character in this vintage-styled living room.

Refinished and Restored Antique Ice Chest
Three separate compartments provide unique storage.
I especially love the original latching hardware
for the doors.

Antique Wooden Cabinete/Armoire
An antique wardrobe/armoire was retro-fitted with shelving. It now provides plenty of storage for a collection of McCoy pottery and vintage fabrics.

Vintage Medicine Chest
A rustic medicine cabinet such as this can have
many creative uses as a decorative element.

Rustic Shelving

Reclaimed Wooden Shelf
I really love the use of old, open shelves such as this. Their utilitarian styling makes them easy to incorporate in numerous design styles. They can be small yet functional as in this case.

Vintage Floating Shelf
Vintage shelves can be small, decorative elements. A wooden, floating shelf provides the perfect "ledge" for displaying unique items, such as vintage bath and grooming accessories as seen here.

Do you think your room could benefit from some extra storage? Do you want to add some interest with a unique furniture piece? If so, consider vintage cabinets in many of the types shown above or make a rustic one with reclaimed, wooden materials you find around your home. Look for items that are being discarded by others which you can upcycle or repurpose to suit your needs. Create a functional, focal element you can brag about.

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