Wall Art Projects for Less

There are so many types of wall art available that you are certain to find something perfect for your particular room's design plan. It is the icing on the cake. The finishing touch for the room.

Wall Decor Plaque

Wall art can be framed photos, framed artwork, oil painted canvases, metal sculptures, mirrors, tapestries and so on. It could even be candle holders, sconces, wreaths and floating shelves. The ideas are seemingly endless really. If you can imagine it, you can find or create it.

Just as important as the arrangement of furniture is the placement of wall art. Hang it after you've placed your furniture to better gauge distance from object to object in the floorplan.

Here are some general guidelines to follow for wall art placement.

  • Typically hang its center point at eye level. Modern homes with unique floorplans may warrant hanging art in unconventional areas such as down long vertical drops and starting high above eye level. Use your judgement and place art on the same level around the room when possible.

  • Use artwork of the appropriate size for the space. Don't place one small picture in the middle of a large wall. Either place a grouping of small wall art together or one large enough to fill the space appropriately.

  • Scale wall art with your furniture. For example, one large picture above a sofa should not extend beyond the sofa's width. Plan accordingly and take measurements.

  • Create cohesion by choosing art with design elements, subject matter, colors or motifs already used throughout the space.

  • Keep lighting in mind as you hang pieces. Natural lighting is great but focal lighting really creates drama and places emphasis on the art.

Hanging wall art takes some time and patience. For some neat tricks to help with your next wall hanging project, visit the Hanging Art section. Many great examples of wall hanging layouts and styles are also provided.

Rather than purchasing new art, consider these easy art ideas
for a custom, personal touch.

"Go Frugal" and check out some of the neat projects you can easily do with
framed art and painted art.

If you prefer something less traditional than framed art adorning your walls, visit the Wall Decor section. There you will see how I have used metal sculptures, plaques and other unconventional items as wall art.


Think outside the box and repurpose old architectural items as wall decor. Old window frames, stained glass pieces, wrought iron gates, trellis, old barn doors, shutters, etc.

Just another way to "Restore, Reuse, Reinvent".

"Mirror, Mirror on the Wall . . ."

Mirrors with My Nephew

I have a crazy love of mirrors. Especially old ones in gorgeous antique frames.

Look for mirrors at thrift stores, second-hand shops, auctions, yard sales, etc. They sure add a lot of gusto to your room's decor by creating "illusions of grandeur."

Look at some of the mirrors I've obtained from estate sales and see how I transformed a plain ole mirror into a unique piece of artwork.

You can do it too!

Want a few other options? Consider Removable Wall Decals - fast, fun, peel & stick decor. Find themes for both adults and children. I saw many neat decals that I wouldn't mind trying in some of my future home design projects.

RoomMates removable wall decals

These appliques provide a mini-transformation to your room in minutes. The kits are also great for kid's room decorating ideas. I recently applied these to my nephew's nursery with much success. His older brother was a bit jealous so I painted a smaller version of the applique onto his bedroom wall (also seen below).

Kids Room Decorating Ideas

The kit came with artsy branches, chirping birds, random leaves and a bunch of owls.

The picture on the container was a bit deceiving. We were expecting a full tree so read the size of the contents carefully.

Thankfully my sister bought three kits since they were on clearance. We attached all three of the branches to the trunk I painted in the corner of the room. Not too bad for a 1/2 hour project!

Kids Room Decorating Ideas
Wall Painted Project

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