Deck Your Walls
With Wall Decor

The myriad of wall decor available, should make finding relevant pieces to accentuate your room's design theme a snap.

Anything you hang on your walls to adorn them qualifies. We have discussed framed art, painted art and wall mirrors in other sections. On this page, I want to discuss some miscellaneous types of wall decor that I use and that you may enjoy using as well. Refer to the aforementioned sections to view other examples.

Wall Decor Plaque
This outdoor-use, terracotta plaque was spray painted a metallic bronze and now resides on the front of a bathroom vanity. The spray paint color was intended to make the plaque better match the oil rubbed bronze fixtures throughout.

The following is by no means an inclusive listing of the types of wall decor available. That would be a nearly impossible feat. This is rather a jumping off point of some other options to consider.

Explore the examples below for some creative ideas.

Metal Sculpture

Metal decor is extremely popular and for good reason. The multitude of designs and subject matter mesh well with practically any design style you can muster. From a simple sconce for a casual living room, to ornate, wrought iron wall grills reminiscent of old world Tuscany, you are sure to find the perfect piece.

Various Wall Decor

Different types of decor are utilized in this Gothic styled hallway. The pieces clearly depict a story and define the style.

Use restraint with room themes. You don't want to go overboard with related accessories and make the room too literal. Understated, smartly chosen pieces get the point across.

Pair of Metal Sculptures
A design motif is repeated with a pair of crosses; further enhancing the cohesion of the space.

Metal Decor Sconce
The medieval theme continues into the adjacent bedroom with this sculptural element, again repeating the earlier discussed design motif. A subtle way to provide transition.

Metal Wall Sculpture
A fitting piece for an earthy sunroom. The colors in this wall decor are repeated throughout the room.


Everybody seems to love candles, so why not use them on your walls with some decorative sconces?

I believe I have sconces hanging in every room of the main level of my home. They are just another unique way to dress up your walls without taking up much space. Their smaller size, in comparison to other wall decor, allows them to work perfectly on small, otherwise unused wall surfaces. Additionally, they add extra balance to focal artwork. See the Hanging Art section for examples of this.

Pair of Sconces

Mosaic Wall Sconce

Sconce at Narrow Entryway

Miscellaneous Decor

Charger Plates Wall Decor
Three silver chargers make a bold statement against a flat black background.

Decorative Wall Plaque
A wall plaque that mimics the faux finish wall treatment of this bathroom.

Wall Clock
Clocks have become so decorative that they too are wall art. Place a very large one in the center of a vaulted peak for impact.

Plant Hanger and Sconce
A metal, outdoor plant hanger finds its way indoors. A simple spray paint job helps it match the other fixtures in the room.

Repurposed as Wall Decor
I found this emblem from an old International tractor after a flood. It has been reinvented in this western room.

Repurposed as Wall Decor
Old items are reinvented and displayed. In this case an old measuring cup and jar lid.

Unique Wall Decor
An unconventional answer to a stuffed, animal head. This lion head is yet another outdoor piece that worked perfectly with the theme of this hallway.

Grouped Wall Art and Decor

A few examples of how these items can be grouped together for visual impact

Grouped Wall Decor
The power of three again make a statement. A sconce, a metal sculpture and a stone decoupage mimic the adjacent drop of wall art.

Grouped Wall Decor
Custom framed art, a mirror and a wall medallion find harmony on a bedroom side wall.

Grouped Wall Decor
A series of mirrors topped by a scrolled, metal sculpture take the place of a headboard. Reclaimed vintage decor provide a whimsical feel.

"Reinvented" Wall Decor

As mentioned on the Wall Art Ideas page, you can easily find many unique items to "Restore, Reuse, Reinvent" for your walls.

A few small examples were shown above. Other examples mentioned are reclaimed architectural items such as stained glass windows, doors, and gates. Look for such items at yard sales or consignment shops. Perhaps you have a few antique or architectural shops in town. Reclaimed items are just plain COOL, especially when reinvented as art.

Speaking of COOL, check out this wonderful old gate I found laying hidden in the weeds on my own property. There are two.

Repurposed Decor

Any ideas how this can be reinvented?

I was going to place it in the center of a large glass flat picture window as a precaution to my feathered friends who mistakenly try to fly into my home. It unfortunately was a tad too tall.

It would make a great piece of wall decor too. It is nice and heavy so I better find a stud in the wall if I go this route.

Since I have two, I also toyed with the idea of placing them in front of my fireplace as a decorative, architectural screen.

Stayed-tuned to see what becomes of my "soon-to-be reinvented" find!

Hopefully you have gathered a few ideas from the examples above. Purchasing wall decor is a rather fun task in my opinion. Visit the Hanging Art section for a few more examples of wall decor as well as some tips to make hanging your decor a bit easier.

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