Wall Mirrors Make a
Stately Statement In Your Space

Wall mirrors are often considered timeless works of art. They are beloved and cherished and often handed down from generation to generation. Their ornate frames speak of times past, not to mention the wonderment of all who may have gazed upon their surface.

Floor Mirror
Wall mirrors don't always have to be hung on walls. Take for instance the large, antique one I have propped against the wall. This piece is large enough, even on the floor, to make a statement as "wall art." And frankly, it is so heavy I had some initial fear of hanging it. I got so used to its location and look that I no longer want to.

Wall mirrors are just as important as wall art. Consider using wall mirrors when you need to bring light into a dark room. Use mirrors to create a sense of depth and openness in a space. Use mirrors as main focal points in a room; above a fireplace is a lovely touch.

Symmetry over Fireplace

Mirror in Fireplace
Although it's hard to make out, I have placed a 16-inch by 20-inch gold framed mirror in the back of the fireplace to reflect the light of the candles. I'm planning on finding two similar, smaller ones to place on the inner left and right as well. The reflected light creates nice ambiance.

Mirror sizes, shapes and styles run the gamut. Look for those that fit your design plan well. They may have a frame that coordinates with your color scheme or style, such as one in oil-rubbed bronze or with straight contemporary lines.

Contemporary Mirror
This contemporary mirror with some organic flavor (a rattan stitched perimeter), fits perfectly into a family room with some tribal adornments. This group of wall art is hung on a large drop over a doorway. Again, wall art can be hung above eye level when a situation warrants it.
Mirror as Art

Speaking of contemporary, create neat focal areas on walls with mirrors. Line three of the same exact size and style down a wall for some modern flair. Or experiment with hanging six smaller ones of the same style in a grid pattern; three on top, and three directly below. How about nine by adding another row to the grid. Wall mirrors create a lot of visual appeal and interest in a space.

Mirror Grouping
Three mirrors create a dramatic focal point over this bed. The entire ensemble of mirrors and draping acts as a headboard in this Gothic styled bedroom.

Sure you can buy them new just about anywhere but consider looking for them at thrift and second-hand stores or antique shops and estate sales. The older ones have so much character and real history. Not to mention the heaviness of the glass and the ornate details of the frames in many instances.

Ornate Antique Wall Mirror

Round Antique Mirror

Two wonderful mirrors from an estate sale (auction). If you have never attended an auction, you need to give it a try. Bids were relatively low at this particular one.

Wall Mirror Project

Mirrors can be found relatively cheap at some of the venues I just mentioned. Pick them up and "Restore, Reuse, Reinvent" them. See how I transformed and updated a plain mirror to something more trendy and modern.

Mirror and Tools
I've had this mirror for years and never knew where to place it. I decided to give it a makeover and now it's the new star of the room.

If you want to do something similar you will need the following:

  • Glue Gun - (If you are purchasing new, I recommend a dual temperature glue gun.)

  • Glue Sticks - (Check the size and temperature of the sticks. If you have a dual temperature gun, you will need "all-temperature" glue sticks.)

  • Adornments - (I used river pebbles and decided not to use the glass gems as seen in the above picture. Both items were $1.00 at Christmas Tree Shops® but similar items can also be found at Dollar Tree®.)

  • Wall Mirror - (You can spray paint the frame prior to adhering your adornments too if you desire. Do this if the color contrast between your frame and the pieces you will applying is too great. I wanted to retain an organic feel so chose to let some hints of the natural wood color show through and left the wood on the edge as well.)
TIP: You can do this to old picture frames as well!

OPTION: You can experiment with a different type of glue or adhesive rather than using a glue gun. I've even considered using clear silicon caulk as an easier option that dries more slowly.

Lay your mirror on a piece of cardboard or craft paper to protect your working surface from any glue. Simply begin gluing piece by piece, starting in the upper left corner and work across the top and down the side until you complete the frame. This method worked best for me.

Place the glue on the frame rather than on the piece you are adhering. Once a dab of glue is placed, adhere your pebble or gem or whatever type of adornment you have chosen to use. The glue is HOT!

CAUTION: Glue Guns get very HOT! I managed to give myself a few minor hand burns while making this art piece. Work slowly.

Speaking of slowly, this project is not for the impatient. It took me approximately five hours to complete, working straight through. This piece is only a 12-inch by 12-inch. The work can seem tedious, yet it is also relaxing.

Go ahead, get creative and give this project a try. It is such a pleasure knowing that you created your own artwork. Reinvent some mirrors for you home. When you are done doing that, visit the Framed Art and Painted Art sections to get ideas for other wall art projects. Together we'll complete some Frugal Interior Design.

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