What Is RSS?

What is RSS? "RSS" means "Really Simple Syndication." By subscribing to Frugal Interior Design's RSS feed, you will be instantly notified of any updates at the site.

Once you choose an RSS reader, if you do not already use one, you will be able to add feeds from other sites that you like as well; always receiving notification of their updates. Rather than having to visit your favorite sites to see "what's new", your favorite sites come to you! No need for bookmarks!

The subscribing part of RSS gives you total control over how you want to read the content published by others. You control what you read and when you read it. Since you don't need to hand out an e-mail address in order to receive this information, you feel more comfortable about subscribing to and accessing the information and news you want.

Ready to get started?

Click the button below to subscribe or right-click and copy-and-paste the feed URL into your RSS reader. Choose any free, web-based reader provided at FeedBurner.


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