Wreaths Provide Easy Decor
For Your Front Door

Wreaths make simple, decorative statements when used on main entry doors. They can be used throughout the year and can be custom tailored to fit holiday and seasonal changes.

If you don't want to fuss with customizing them, purchase them pre-made of varying themes and switch them throughout the year. Even the busiest homeowner can find time to hang a seasonal one on their front door to add a festive touch.

Since they are seasonal, look for those that are theme decorated and on clearance after a holiday. You can usually find some great bargains.

Wreaths have come a long way. Don't settle for a plain ol' silk or plastic flower adorned one. There are many neat, contemporary styles available. Look for those that have a moss covered finish. A nice choice for Spring.

Autumn ones bearing leaf garland, gourds, pine cones and pods provide seasonal color for October and November.

Those for Winter holidays are the most creative and elaborate; adorned with icy crystal sprays for instance. Others made of feather and sequin, and available in a multitude of colors, are fun for modern styled homes. While traditional decorated ones bearing cranberry, holly and pine are always popular choices.

Although they can be very pricey, if you decorate your own you can save. There are many excellent books available that provide pictures and hundreds of ideas you can easily incorporate.

I use simple ones made of grapevine throughout the year as they fit the design aesthetic I prefer. I add items to embellish them appropriately throughout the season or for specific holidays. They are such a "Frugal" alternative to purchasing pre-made ones, that I have them hanging on all my exterior doors which creates continuity and cohesion.

You can get really thrifty and weave your own from grapevine you find in the woods. I have yet to go this far but I have collected grapevine (and a LOT of it) to create wonderful lighted arbors for my entry ways.

Grapevine Arbor and Wreath Decor
An entry decorated for the holiday season. Gold ribbon and leaves dress up the wreath and arbor appropriately. Miniature lights are added to both.

Note: You don't have to nail a hole in your door. Consider hangers that hook over your door (as seen above) or those that are magnetic.

Grapevine Wreath On Entry Column

Mine are typically as seen above; clean, uncluttered and minimal. I do however add fall colored, leaf garland pieces and in the Winter, add fresh cuts of pine, evergreen, holly and seasonal colored bows.

These wreaths are blank slates awaiting your creativity. Buy a few and see what ideas you can develop to dress them up for your doors. I have been using the same ones over and over for the past 8 years. Certain ones have been hanging outdoors that entire time so that tells you how durable they are. You sure are getting a lot of "bang for the buck" if you go this route.

Check back throughout the year as more pictures will be added to reflect seasonal decorating.

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