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Welcome to Frugal-Interior-Design, my home on the web. My name is John, also known as JAH (my initials). I have lived in eastern Pennsylvania my entire life and developed an interest in interior design when I purchased my first home at the age of 25.

As a new, young homeowner, money was tight but creativity was free. I soon discovered ways to accessorize and decorate my home at little or no cost. Nature has always been a great inspiration to me and the elements of the outdoors were free for the taking. This very well would be the starting point of my love for organic decor and design.

In my free time I began creating my own artwork for my homes as well. People began noticing both my art and the finished looks of my homes and urged me to follow my passions. Over the years, I would come to renovate and decorate other properties while maintaining a full-time job.

It wasn't until 2010, at the age of 37, that I faced a job loss and decided it was time to leap and fly. I had this one chance to make a change and to follow my heart. That change was this website. A site devoted to my skills and abilities with design, decor and art. I did not have any prior website building or developing knowledge but took a gamble on the Site Build It Program and learned how to create this very site you are visiting . . . my own time, my own pace.

Site Build It!

At long last, I was going the direction I had been told to go for many years by others.

The frugal concept of the site came after much deliberation but was the perfect direction to go. It only makes sense that I, the guy who loves to decorate with nature, is always picking up litter on the trails, and is constantly finding new ways to reuse reclaimed items, would couple frugality and nature with design.

Since I have this affinity for nature and a great respect for trees, the Frugal Tree logo

Frugal Tree Logo

was developed to represent the site. I could not be happier with it, nor my design concept of "Restore, Reuse, Reinvent". The pieces all seem to fit. If you take notice, the trunk of the tree carries a secret meaning. It contains a symbol that looks like an "H." This is the Piscean zodiac symbol, of which I am and it is also the first letter of my last name, "Heindel." The initial concept of the tree was derived from Shel Silverstein's book "The Giving Tree", which in fact was the name I was originally planning to use for this site. (a special person and I shared a love of this book)

Thank you Jed, for giving me inspiration when I needed it most!

My ability to design and decorate is somewhat innate. I did however study and degree in Spatial Art and Design at Millersville University of Pennsylvania and worked for a marketing design firm for numerous years as an assistant project coordinator. I also achieved a BA degree in English, also from Millersville University, and originally planned to teach secondary education.


Besides renovating homes and assisting friends and family with their design dilemmas, I enjoy writing poetry, landscaping, singing, collecting music and caring for my many pond fish and one sweet, stray cat who has found her way into my life.

In closing, I'd like to thank you for visiting the site,
and I hope that you are developing your own
Frugal Interior Design by learning to RESTORE, REUSE, and REINVENT!

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