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DIY decor (or Do-It-Yourself decor) is a great way to develop some creative solutions while saving a few bucks in the process. There is nothing more gratifying than saying "I made that" if you are truly proud of your work. Many of these creative projects can be completed in a few hours or less, depending on the design complexity you choose. You'll see how easy it is to take a few items, many free, and "whip them up" into something unique and functional.

If you enjoy repurposing items, you'll enjoy these DIY decor ideas. It's nice to find a use for an item that may have ended up in the trash or recycle bin.

Since I have numerous decor projects dotted throughout the site, I thought it would be nice to have some of them accessible from this one page so the DIYer's can easily find them and get right to work. Projects and ideas will continually be added as they are developed.

DIY Decor, Crafts and Upcycle Ideas

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Cleaning and Reusing Candle Jars For Your Displays

Decorative Candle Holder and Pedestal

This idea developed while trying to come up with a way to reuse some old, glass jars I've been saving. Glass, Mason jars, such as those from spaghetti sauce, are great base materials for many diy decor projects. Any type of glass jar can be saved and reused for something decorative.

Project Supplies


  • Glass Jar or Vase
  • Beads, Gems or Other Decorative Elements
  • Glue Gun
  • Flameless Candle (optional)
I purchased a few bags of gems and a tall,
glass vase, each for $1.00 at Dollar Tree®.

Hot Gluing Gems
Carefully place a good dab of hot glue on your gem or other element and adhere to glass. Warning: Be very careful when working with hot glue, it can cause burns. Consider a dual temperature glue gun for a cooler setting.

Decorative Progress
The half-way point of the project.

Flameless Votive
Flameless Votive
Flameless candles allow for much more flexibility
and creative uses than actual candles.

Completed Projects
In this lantern-look example, flameless candles are placed within enclosed glass, an effect not possible with burning candles. A great look for an outdoor table without the threat of rain or wind extinguishing a candle.

Used As A Candle Jar
In this example, the adorned glass vase is turned right-side up and houses a 3x6 candle pillar perfectly. Note how the decoration works for both orientations of the vase.

Used As A Candle Stand
In this example, the vase is flipped upside-down again and becomes a stand for the candle. Numerous glass vases of different heights and fashioned similarly would create a nice group effect.

Note: Gems on glass, being two smooth surfaces, sometimes will fall loose when completely dry. Be sure the gem doesn't have any dust or residue on it when you apply the hot glue. Most should adhere without issue. Just take care with handling and storage.

Quick Tip
Any size, Yankee Candle® type jar with glass tops are super, project containers. Consider keeping these, cleaning them out and using them in your bathroom for cotton balls, cotton swabs, bath beads or salts.

TIP: Remove the last remaining candle wax and wick easily by placing the jar in the freezer for a day. The wax will contract and the moisture within will freeze, making the wax brittle. A jab or two with a butter knife should break it up. Finish by cleaning well with warm, soapy water, especially if using for bath purposes.

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