Old Window Ideas

Add character to your home with these old window ideas. Reclaimed windows can be used with or without the glass in many creative ways. They can be architectural features, upcycled into cabinet doors and partitions, hung as wall art, and even crafted into furniture.

Salvage windows, like old doors, can often be found for free. People often dispose of them without realizing the unique upcycled uses they provide. View some of these creative and simple ways old windows can be reused.

A rustic basement window helps establish
a central table display.

The above window was given to me free. Many ideas came to mind, some of which I had seen before. It could easily be used vertically or horizontally on a wall with pictures or artwork hung behind each glass pane - a rustic picture frame of sorts.

Handles could be attached to the ends to create a decorative tray. I went simpler. The chippy-paint was just perfect and the lone rusty hinge gave it character. I placed it on a table and called it a day. Since the original glass is intact, I was careful to not place too much weight on top. Some empty wine bottles, which I stencil painted, created the look I wanted (for now at least).

Old Window Ideas: Interior Architectural Elements

Large Window Panel Insert Propped Against Wall
A large window insert leans with chic sophistication against a nook wall. This confident features stands harmoniously among other soothing, rustic elements.

Arched Shutter-Style Windows Stands On A Buffet Table
A beautiful pair of arched shutter-style windows gracefully sit atop a buffet table. This unique focal element commands attention yet was easily added to the room - no drilling or nailing required.

A Framed Arched Windows Rests On A Fireplace Mantel
Another simple window idea that develops immediate sophistication and class. Mantel decorating ideas are always popular. The fresh pops of green are ideal for adding some springtime flavor to your space.

Window Built-In To Create Interior Wall Partition
A large open space is cleverly and subtly divided through the use of a simple partition. A window is fitted in the upper-half, helping to retain the airy feel of the space while providing definition and interest.

Old Window Ideas: Wall Art

Various size and style windows and frames create a cool collage of artwork on this stairwell wall. Unify random pieces with a consistent color-story, finish, or shape.

TIP: Hang windows such as those above by chain within an interior picture window. A stained-glass window within a frame would provide even more colorful interest. Use this idea instead of conventional window treatments!

Window With Custom Stencil Monogram As Wall Art
Personalize your window art with a monogram. Use a decal or stencil to easily add interest to a simple glass pane.

Decoupage A Label Or Other Art To Window Glass
A custom label was computer-created, printed, and decoupaged to the backside of this window glass with Mod Podge®. Want to go simpler? Hang it without the art.

Fabric Attached To Backside Of Old Window Panes For Art
Use old window frames to create custom artwork for your space. Although this window is devoid of glass, fabric panels have been adhered to the back, creating a lighter art option. This would be a great nursery room idea.

Create Window Mirrors For Use As Wall Art
If you find old windows with missing or broken glass, remove the glass and replace it with mirror panels. Adhere light-weight mirror tiles in place. The above display is great for long vertical wall drops.

Old Window Ideas: Furniture and Cabinet Doors

Use An Old Window As A Coffeetable Top
Old wooden crates provide the supporting structure for this snazzy utilitarian coffeetable topped with an old hinged window. Sometimes, "no-frills" speaks volumes as in this case. Comfy, casual, and simple describe this space.

Use An Old Window To Create An Accent Table
Create a simple accent table for your porch, sunroom, deck, or any space in and around your home. I see windows like this often out for trash. Upcycle one into a marvelous piece such as this. Reclaimed railing or chair spindles are perfect to use as legs.

Use A Window To Create A Glass-Front Display Case
Create a shabby-chic floating cabinet or display case with old wood scraps and a vintage window framed front. Showcase special collections within like vintage pottery.

Vintage Windows Create Great Cabinet Doors
Imagine finding numerous windows of the same size and style to replace your current kitchen cabinet doors. Talk about a unique way to reface cabinets!

Apply a distressed paint finish or wash to the cabinet facing and window frames for a unified look. Set it off with new hardware and stand in awe of your masterpiece!

Old Window Ideas: Outdoor Living

Vintage Windows Create A Hanging Wall From A Pergola
Create a unique "hanging wall" from your pergola, deck, or porch framework. Simple chain and eyelet screws allow them to hang in tandem. Use with glass to create a windbreak or without glass to create an architectural feature.

Vintage Windows Define An Outdoor Living Area
Other Outdoor Window Ideas: Attach old window frames to create a patchwork garden-gate door or even fencing. Prop a window in a secluded corner among landscaping to create a special vignette of appeal and interest.

It's easy to see how a "curbside reclaim" can become a unique feature in your home or garden. Hopefully, these old window ideas will motivate you to upcycle yours into greatness. (I'm still thinking about windows as kitchen cabinet door fronts!

If do not see any vintage or scrap windows out for trash, visit building material surplus stores where many reclaimed items are donated. Habitat For Humanity stores, for instance, offer great items at great prices. Yard sales, estate sales, thrift shops, antique dealers, and other resource vendors may also be excellent sources of old windows.

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