Simple Wine Bottle Light

This wine bottle light project is quite simple to make. Wine bottle lighting has been around for a while, but it has become increasingly popular with the "trendy homeowner" in more recent years. So, raise your glass and let's give a toast to UPCYCLING!

Upcycled Wine Bottle Light Hanging In Kitchen

Sleek, Sophisticated, Simplicity

Ceiling-Mount Pendant Lamp Base Night

A perfect addition to this kitchen's design. This simple lighting fixture will easily mesh with many decorating styles including modern, minimalist, contemporary, classic, traditional, rustic and industrial alike.

Besides being used as clever lighting in homes, you may notice upcycled bottle pendant lamps hanging in cool dive pubs and bars. Empty liquor bottles are quite popular in these settings and can be used instead wine bottles. Those with frosted glass create nice ambiance!

TIP: Want a frosted glass wine bottle? Simply spray a matte finish clearcoat
over an already cut and cleaned clear-glass wine bottle.


Basic Pendant Lamp Turned Into Upcycled Wine Bottle Lamp Before and After

As you can see, the original light (left) is a rather standard hanging pendant with a rod-type arm. Most of these rods have a small-enough diameter to fit through a wine bottle neck. If you purchase a pendant to work with, be sure the lamp housing (the area from which the included shade attaches) is rather plain, smooth, and rounded so it nests within the curved upper-portion of the bottle.

Before you even start this project, you will need a wide wine bottle with the bottom cut off. The 1.5L size is required for creating this particular wine bottle light. To cut the bottom of the bottle, I recommend a wine bottle cutter.

Plan on breaking a few bottles during the process.
Ask others to save empty bottles of this size for you to experiment with. Getting a clean break takes practice.

Once you have the perfect cut bottle, remove your existing pendant light (if you have a similar style already installed), or purchase a pendant lamp that can be used for this particular project. Consider thrift shops to source old hanging lights as well!

Steps on How to Make a Wine Bottle Light

Ceiling-Mount Pendant Lamp Base Nut
In the ceiling mount portion of the lamp, loosen and remove the large nut, ground wire tab, and various washers that connect the armature (rod) to the mount plate.

**NOTE: Turn off electricity at both the switch and breaker box
for optimum safety if you are removing an existing fixture!

Ceiling-Mount Pendant Lamp Base and Stem Separated
Once the previously mentioned hardware has been removed, you should be able to slide the metal rod and wires free from the mounting plate (shown above).

Feeding Wire and Pendant Light Stem Through Wine Bottle
Feed the electrical wires and rod through the cut end of your wine bottle and out the bottle's neck.

Pendant Light Housing Seated Within Wine Bottle
Here you can see how the curve of the lamp housing fits nicely against the curve of the bottle's shape. The wine bottle will simply be suspended by this manner.

Rubber Grommet To Secure Stem With Wine Bottle Neck
A rubber grommet or washer is used to eliminate the gap between the rod and the top of the bottle neck. This will help assure the bottle hangs straight or plumb with the rod.

TIP: A rubber garden-hose washer was used for this project. A black marker was used to mask the previous red color (shown above). You can buy a bag of these washers at any hardware store for a few bucks.

Rubber Grommet Cut To Size For Wine Bottle Neck
Cut one side of the grommet with scissors and wrap it snuggly around the rod at the neck opening. Remove any excess where it overlaps. Cut small amounts off at a time until the grommet ends meet.

Pressing Grommet In Place To Secure Wine Bottle
Carefully wedge the grommet (washer) into place. You may have to trim a bit of the rubber from the inner edge of the grommet to enable it to fit. Press the flat side of a flathead screwdriver against the grommet to seat it flush with the neck opening.

NOTE: In the above image, stacked soup cans are inside the bottle, elevating the light housing up and against the inner curve of the bottle while the grommet is placed. (Or, have an extra person pull the rod upward into the bottle until the grommet is placed.)

Wine Bottle Light Hanging In Kitchen Dining Area
Attach the positive and negative wires from the light to the positive and negative wires in the ceiling mounting box (negative to negative and positive to positive, or black to black and white to white).

Use wire nuts to properly cap the connections. Properly connect the ground wire to the ground screw and/or ceiling box and then carefully seat the wires within the ceiling box. Seat and attach the light's mounting plate(base) to the ceiling box.

Light Up Your Classy Wine Bottle Light With Vintage Bulbs!

Close-Up of Upcycled Wine Bottle Pendant With Vintage-Style Edison Bulb
Vintage-style Edison bulbs are all the rage in rustic lighting. This particular bulb uses a spiral filament that is visible when the bulb is on. These "old-fashioned bulbs" produce a warm, amber glow. They are best suited for soft ambient accent lighting.

Decorative Vintage-Style Edison Bulb
I found this particular brand at a local Lowes home improvement center. Styles may vary by store and may not be available at all locations.

Various Decorative Vintage-Style Edison Bulbs
Other unique styles are also available from this particular manufacturer. I used some bulbous-shaped ones by a different manufacturer in a bathroom lighting makeover I did last year. The long, narrow bulb shown in the center (above) would have been my first choice for this wine bottle light, but they were out of stock at the time.

New Wine Bottle Light Hanging In Kitchen Dining Area With Lit Edison Bulb
Once you've obtained the perfect-style bulb for your wine bottle, carefully screw it in place, restore electric from the breaker box, turn on the light switch, and enjoy your new creation! Make sure you will be happy with this light for some time. Replacing the light "shade" (a.k.a. the wine bottle) will require a full removal of the light from the ceiling again.

Now, invite some friends and family over to enjoy a glass of wine under your new wine bottle light. It is sure to be the topic of conversation for some time, and of course, this activity may yield more empty bottles for future upcycle projects!

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